Monday, June 4, 2012

Work, work, WORK

Thought I would update you (because I know you all are sitting out there....desperate to know) on the work status at the moment.

In a single word:  Good.

Our new contract officially starts on July 1, but for the past 2 months, we have been ramping up for the changes.  Our overall workload has increased, and while initially it was a little overwhelming, we have all adjusted.  Another company, who did not win a contract, will be closing as of June 30.  We will be taking 30 of their current clients (and this doesn't include all the other referral stuff we "inherited" over the past 2 months).

In March, our client load was about 85....we are over 100 now, and by the end of the month it will be about 140.  In three months time, our company will have grown 65%.

My boss and I have had on-going discussions about all of this.  We had to negotiate back and forth about responsibilities.  It took some time, but he finally is starting to get what I actually do all day.  And how long it takes.

There are some things I will be inheriting over the coming months, that I will enjoy, and will free up some of the boss's time.  All of this is a work in progress.  Some of the more "clerical" things will slowly lessen...which I am happy about.  I don't mind doing it, some of the time.  But I can do so much more, and it is easier to have someone come in and mail stuff and filing.  Most likely it will be an older family member of one of the employees, and they will come in once a week for a few hours and do some of the basic stuff.

My hours will be increasing to about 30 per week.  I am around 23 right now.  I will be increasing my hours on Tuesday and Friday, which will allow me to still avoid child care issues.  If we go over 30 hrs, I will need to pay for childcare.  My hourly rate will stay the same (and this sticking point will probably never change), but I will get a one time bonus in my next paycheck.

We have decided that of the additional income....75% will go to debt, and 25% to savings.  I have to adjust my taxes and such, so I don't know what the final numbers will be, but we are guessing it will be about an extra $250 towards debt per month.

Additionally....right now I am considered Per Diem.  If the 30 hrs a week seems to be working for everyone, then I will switch to a Part-Time status, and start to accrue vacation and holiday time.  Right now, if I don't work, I don't get paid.  I am ok with it, because I have a ton of flexibility.  But getting paid holidays would be nice.

So there you are.  I am hoping that all of this, plus the reset of numbers, will allow us to continue to make progress.


  1. Sounds like it I'll be a good thing, Mysti!! :) Hope everything goes off without a hitch!

  2. Very cool! It would be awesome for you to get paid holidays and vacation time.

  3. I hope you get the part time. Sounds like it is going well. I'm happy for you!

  4. I hope you get the part-time, too. Your hours sound perfect with the kids - good stuff! (Fiona)