Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And there it goes

Back in November when we had to sign up for our yearly Flexible Spending Account (FSA), we decided on $4,000.  This was supposed to cover co-pays, new glasses and contacts, and dental (cleanings).  In the past....when everything works....it will cover our expenses for the year.  If we run out in November....we consider it a win.

When it doesn't work right....you have a situation like we have right now.  It is June, not quite half way through the year, and we have less than $500 left.  Yes, that means we have used $3500 on out of pocket medical expenses.

Included in this are:
  • My root canal
  • Extra x-rays for Sassy
  • My ultrasound (more on this another time....no, I am not pregnant)
  • Weekly Occupational Therapy for Bossy
  • Bossy's medical supplies
  • Miscellaneous co-pays
  • Contact lenses
  • Medication (which included replacing Epi-pens)
With 6 months to go in the year,  there is alot that won't be covered now.  Medication and co-pays are a definite.  Sassy needs to go to the oral surgeon (although if he wants to wait, or if we can wait to do anything, I will push this off until January.  I am not going to endanger Sassy, but if it can wait 6 months...then it will).

Bossy's medical supplies will continue to rack up expense.  Oh, and I have my crown appointment this week. Oh yeah....and I am having surgery this summer.  Yip. Pee.

Even for all of the expense of this year, only some of it counts toward our out of pocket expense for the insurance.  My dental stuff didn't count (since they didn't cover any of it, they don't care).  My contacts didn't count.  We are at less than $2,000 towards our $5,000 maximum out of pocket expense.

In the past, we have hit our maximum in late fall, back when the maximum was $4,000.  Then they raised it to $5,000.  Sneaky.

All of this is going to hit the bottom debt repayment line.  Even with overtime, extra hours at work, etc....that will more or less help us tread water, not actually pay down the existing debt.  This is a major frustration.  All this medical stuff will make it look like we aren't making debt repayment progress, and if the expenses outpace the ability to pay it as it comes, it will add to the debt.

I just want to scream.


  1. OMG - just when you catch a break with the extra hours etc! OT and Dental are just so expensive, there's no way round it.

    We have dental issues coming up with our 8yo, I'm dreading the consult to tell us how much we'll be up for. Hope once you get your new pay worked out the bottom line will work out with *something* there to keep ahead of the medicals :(

    1. Medical is going to be the thorn in my side. Hope your consult for the 8yr old won't be as bad as you think.

  2. Keep in mind that under OBAMACARE the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) max is going down to 2,500. I believe it goes in to effect in 2014.


  3. HS is close to correct; for next year, 2013, the maximum that can be put into an FSA will drop, which is something to keep in mind as you budget going forward.

    1. Thanks. Here's hoping that we don't have any major expenses!

  4. Oh that's terrible. If you feel the need to scream, then by all means, do so. It's so frustrating to know that you're in a position to finally breathe a bit, then something else happens. I'm all too familiar with that. Wishing a very healthy rest of the year for you.

  5. This might sound ignorant since I don't wear glasses or contacts...could you switch over to glasses? It seems like contacts are a constant expense with lenses, solution, etc. How much would you estimate you are spending a year on contacts?

    1. Contacts are about $120 for the lenses, and another $150 for solution (I use 2 kinds, one is more expensive but works better, and then a generic for basic stuff).

      So, $270.

      But I have worn contacts since for 24 years, and going back to glasses full time would be tough. I think most contact lens wearers just accept the cost of it and move on.

  6. I feel your pain!! Our deductible went up to $8,000.00 this year, just crazy!!!!

    1. $8k is harsh! Our deductible is $500, with an out of pocket max of $5000. But our dental stinks.

      We actually have good insurance, but we also pay alot for the premium.

      Never can win, eh?

  7. Dental costs are so annoying!! Just last week the dentist told me my 14 year old "qualifies" for braces. I said maybe her bottom teeth...as they are really crooked...and they were like, "oh, we can't really do the bottom without the top." UGH!!!! We have dental benefits....but they barely touch orthodontics. No wonder the middle class is going broke.

    I am in Canada. A lot of your medical costs would be covered..in regards to your children. It is a shame that some Americans have had to go bankrupt due to medical costs.