Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mini-Murphy Visit

The fact that Murphy has largely left us alone is a huge positive.  The fact that we have an EF incase he does stop by....another positive.  But alas....he decided to poke his head out of his hole and just check out the comings and goings of the Mysti/G-man house.

Background:  We have peel-n-stick tiles on the floor, and for awhile, they have been starting to come up.  It isn't a high priority, so we just have largely ignored it.  At this point, we may not be able to ignore it. 

Yesterday, I noticed a little puddle of water on the bathroom floor. I thought maybe Bossy was overzealous with washing his hands. Then I saw another one. And another one. HMMMM.  I got down on the floor, and pushed on the corners of the loose vinyl tiles, and water came out.  Ut oh.

I tried this in several areas, and it was the same thing.  I lifted up a tile, and there was standing water!!  Our only saving grace was that we installed the tiles over the old vinyl linoleum floor, so it isn't like the subfloor got wet.

The flush kit in the toilet recently broke, and G-man replaced it.  Apparently the connection from the floor to the toilet was loose, and water has been slowly leaking under all the tiles.  The floor squishes when you walk on it.  UGH.  We need to try and suck up as much water as we can before it molds. If you push on the loose tiles, a new puddle appears between the tiles.  We have a wet/dry I am going to try that.

I am hoping we can reglue the tiles until we can replace the floor with something better.  If not....looks like we will be replacing the floor sooner than later!


  1. That old Murphy has been getting around. Just wrote a post about his lovely visit to my house this week....ugh....

    Hope you can get the water up and it won't become a major issue!

  2. Ugh! I feel for you. It always seems to happen that way, huh? Good luck!

  3. You have to be proactive when it comes to Murphy, for example in my house I keep track of all the things that could break or fail based on age and have a plan to replace them before they fail etc.


  4. How unfortunate! At least you're prepared (somewhat) for that. Hopefully you're right and the wet vac will help you out and take care of the problem!

  5. Don't you hate do it yourself projects that go wrong!