Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How do my kids know.....

Bossy spiked a 102 fever last night.  He has been off since Monday night, so it isn't a huge surprise.  While his fever is better this morning, he is still off.  He is refusing to eat (this is the one advantage of a feeding tube!).  I am keeping him home....happy on the couch.  Currently watching Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Today is payday....and without being at the office to pick up my will sit there until tomorrow.  I guess the bills will get paid on Friday.  Nothing will be late....just throws me off a bit.  I was really looking forward to paying bills and seeing where it all stands.

In other news from the Mysti world....

1)  Camp savings.  Camp will be fully funded as of G-man's next payday on Monday.  Then that $115 per paycheck will go toward Christmas Savings.  I am already looking around for ideas for the holidays....actually, I have one gift already!

2)  Overtime money.  I am debating how we are using our overtime account.  Right now we are saving it all, and quarterly "spending" it on something.  Last quarter it was our Sesame Place trip.  Right now, we have roughly $600 in the account, and on Monday (I guess Tuesday because of the holiday....) G-man will have more OT in his paycheck, as he will for the next paycheck (mid-June).  If we go by the quarterly plan....I am guessing we will have over $1000 in there by late June.  Given the debt load....maybe I should take out what is in there after payday next week and put it toward the Credit Card, and pretty much wipe that out sooner than later.

We were never going to "spend" this money this quarter on stuff.  It was more about saving it up and making a bulk payment to something.  If we didn't have the would have gone to resurfacing the deck.

So, I am considering changing our "spending" of the overtime account to every other month, instead of quarterly.  I don't want to immediately put it toward debt, as there may be times we decide that we need to use it for some other purpose.

Additionally, I am probably going to forgo MY overtime contributions, as my hours are about to change.  What previously would have been OT (not by pay, but by typical hours), will now become business as usual.  I lost track of what I was doing, as some weeks I worked slightly less hours, then made it up the next week.  My new "standard" paycheck will be going into the main budget, mostly to debt, but some to savings.

3)   Dysfunction abound.  My parents are coming in June, when the kids get out of school.  This will lead to the coming month of panic.  And probably ALOT of expense, as my parents are super high maintenance.  I am going to try very hard not to give into the hurt little girl who is ever trying to please her parents, and will go overboard to earn their approval.  I am NEVER going to get it.  Why beat my head against the wall trying?  I am trying to think of meals that they will eat that won't break the bank.  And am determined to NOT try and change my house (too much).

ETA:  I should have known better.  Pandora's Box.  I have mentioned before that we need to fix the ceiling and carpet in Bossy's room  (we have the cash put aside for this).  Well, our friend who is fixing the ceiling as a side job had an opening in his schedule.  So he wants to do it next weekend (first weekend in June).  Which means that we have to order the carpet ASAP, empty the room, and then paint once the ceiling is done.  So much for not changing the house!

Well, I guess I am going to throw in some laundry, and do some work from I don't lose the entire day.  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I'm sorry Bossy is sick. Them not eating makes me crazy when they are sick because the mom in me wants to force feed them. The nurse in me knows it is their body's way of conserving energy to fight off the illness so the mom is forced to hold off on the force feedings. I hope he feels better soon :)

    Good luck with the parents.

    1. I hate giving him meds on an empty stomach. He isn't fighting me too hard on his tube feeding, but I am not going to overdo it either.

  2. Sorry about Bossy, but think of how nice the room will look when it is done. Do not go to any extra expense for your parents. Just kindly tell them where the local grocer store is and they are welcome to go and get what they want to have you fix. You don't have to break the bank for them. You will be surprised how they will respond if you have one nice meal or treat fixed just for them and then say, we need your help. I don't know what you want to eat and I don't have a budget for anything fancy. I have two highly expensive grandkids here. They should get the hint.

    1. Oh his room is going to be great when it is done. It will have grey carpet, and light grey walls, with red accents. His bedspread is black, grey, and red. And rock and roll "stuff" on the walls.

      As for my would think that they would understand. But they are incredibly self absorbed, and it is all about their comfort. They have no problem going to the store...and then telling me how they wouldn't have had to go if I had "known" that they like the raspberry flavor, not the strawberry flavor. They sit and wait to be served.

      When the kids came home from the hospital, my mom came to "help." Help was her sitting on the couch cuddling babies...while I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, shopped. She didn't lift a finger. She was there to help with the she was helping with babies.

  3. I hope Bossy is feeling better soon. Also, no direct deposit offered at your workplace? All of my funds are scurried away before I even get to work during payday. I think it gives me some sense of peace.

    1. No direct deposit. My boss won't pay for it.

  4. Aww..sorry to hear about your sick little one! :( Just went through that & it's so stressful... I hope it doesn't last very long! Hope everything works out with your parents..if they're THAT particular about what food you have in the house for them, perhaps they should bring some of their own! ;)

    1. I thought about your little ones when the kids got sick (Sassy was under the weather over the weekend). Fever, cough.....sound familiar?

      With my parents, it isn't just food they are picky about. It is what to watch on TV, what kind of soap, where to sit, the temperature of the house, the temperature of the is exhausting.

  5. Mysti,

    If you know you will never get their approval, I say you shake things up and tell them what you expect from them as guests. If they're not going to approve anyway, maybe you can facilitate some change or at least food for thought.

    You also might mention that you are on a tight budget and it would be awesome if they could kick in some money to help out.

    And, you could also make hotel reservations for them. My parents stay at a hotel by choice when they come to town because they don't want to wear out their welcome. They're cool like that.

    Maybe this could be the visit for change...


    1. Actually, my parents ARE staying at a hotel, as we no longer have a guest room. And I get to listen to that rant....

      As for money, they are also on a tight budget, as the recently lost part of their income. They are fully aware of our situation, but don't care. They have a grand sense of entitlement.

      They will expect that I will pick them up each morning and drive them back to the hotel when THEY want to go. And I will cart them where they want to go. And they will make promises to the kids that they will break and I will have to deal with the fall out.

      Welcome to my family....