Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Continuing Pool Drama

First off...thanks to all the commenters yesterday.  As my day continued to turn into a big pile of poo, it helped to know someone out there has my back.

On to the pool....I really don't get how these companies stay in business.  Pools are a luxury item, and I have to think that over the past several years their business has declined.

Company 1....we called, no return call.  Called again (because something was off with their voicemail system), nada.  Call 3, if we don't hear from you by COB, we are taking our business elsewhere.  What do ya know...they called.  Said they would have the pool crew call and schedule.  Nada.  He did call a week later, but by then we had moved on to....

Company 2.  Seemed on top of things, until they got our contract.  They wanted a $400 deposit before they would schedule the job.  We said the job was only $450, and they said ok...we can do $300.  We agreed (at this point I just wanted the stupid job done).  Well...they charged $400 to my credit card.  And still couldn't schedule the job.

G-man called them AGAIN about the schedule, and said since we are having problems getting it schedule, the mistake on the charge...would they knock the final $50 off the bill.  The schedule girl said she had to talk to the boss.  Go ahead honey....go talk to your boss.  She called back and said no.  G-man asked to talk to the boss.  He wasn't there.  OK, have him call us.

So yesterday schedule girl called us back and said "boss is too busy on appointments to talk" and he said "either we pay the $50, or we can just cancel the whole thing and refund the money."  WHAT???  The boss is TOO BUSY to talk to a customer who is having an issue???

At this point G-man and I talked, and we said, forget it.  Let's find another company.  He called back and said 1)  We want the refund, and oh by the way...technically you made an unauthorized charge because we authorized $300 not $400, and that is illegal.  2)  The boss can't talk to us?  Not acceptable.  3)  We are reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

The girl was all flustered and was trying to defend the mistakes.  Don't care.  Give us back the dough.

So we are waiting to see the refund back on my credit card.  This was 5:00pm last night, so I am hoping that it will show up today.  And now...we have to find another company. 

Oh, and in the middle of all of this, I was dealing with a pre-sale yard sale person ($20!!), and G-man burnt dinner.  We ALMOST ordered out....but we didn't.  Our June No-Eating-Out Challenge is still in tack (half way there!!!)


  1. Hang in there, I know it's stressful but it will pass, a year from now you won't even remember it...


  2. It amazes me in this economy the number of business who really don't care about the consumer.

    deep cleansing breaths


  3. What a nightmare! At least you were able to stick to your no-take-out goal! I can never make that goal work out the way I planned!

  4. ugh, annoying--on all counts.
    I think you officially in need of some ice cream.

  5. Awesome that you managed to avoid the takeout even after a crap day and burnt dinner! Way to keep the challenge on-going!

  6. On a positive, notice a little increase in side hussling. Small Victories! Whoo Hoo

  7. Thanks all....the pool situation is continuing to stress....that will be another post.

    As for the side hustle....The extra $29 is from pre-yard sale sales. Again, that will be another post. Thanks for noticing!