Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventures in Yard Sales - Part Two

Tomorrow is the big yard sale.  As I look out my window right now, and the watch the pouring rain, I am just hoping that all of this effort amounts to something.  Per, it should be nice tomorrow.  Of course, if it rains all day today, the ground will be nice and soggy.  Nothing I can do about the rain.   But it would have been nice if the rain held off until Sunday.

I put the ad on Craigslist, and also put that if there were specific items people wanted, I would allow presales. In hindsight, I created more work and stress for myself.  If they were really interested, then they can come to the main sale.  Instead, I allowed myself to let them infiltrate my home.

My home....which right now (pictures to come in the next post about the sale), is wall to wall boxes.  It really looks like I am moving. 

So back to the people....they have been an interesting lot.  I had one who e-mailed me and asked if I was selling Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, and anything pure silver. I had that, then I probably wouldn't be selling it at a yard sale.

I had one woman who didn't show, after going back and forth in e-mails about what she wanted.  She had my name, address, cell phone, and e-mail.  But just didn't show.  Thanks lady....  A few have come and purchased miscellaneous items.  Clothes, a few toys, some movies.  A typical yard sale haul.  One of them really didn't know what she wanted, but whatever.

But my two favorite stories involve 2 friends (why am I not surprised.....).

Lady A wanted a few toys.  Asked if she could come within the hour. Then never showed.  I sent her an e-mail about 2.5 hrs later and said I wasn't sure what happened, but I had an appointment (which she knew about), so sorry we missed each other.  She responded...she came, she rang the bell, she knocked.  No one answered.  You have a blue house right?

She went to the wrong house.  *sigh*  She was at the opposite end of the street.  She eventually came later in the afternoon and bought what she said she wanted.  I have 2 tricycles, and she said, Oh, my friend R might want those, I will talk to her.

Several days later, R called.  Lady A gave her my phone number (which I thought was a little rude).  She wanted to come to get the bikes.  I told her I wasn't home at that moment.  She was annoyed.  She asked to come the next day....I said I get home from work at 3pm....she was annoyed that I wasn't home during the day.  Will I hold them for her?  No promises.

She called again last night, but I missed the call.  I got it about an hour after she called.  Tried to return the call, and her phone wasn't accepting messages.  I texted response.  I am just laughing at all of this.  I am sure she thinks I am just beyond dare I not be home???  Whatever.

We have made $56 in presale so far (as noted on my side hustle tally).  I was so worried we wouldn't make $50, so that hurdle is crossed.  Wish us luck tomorrow at the real sale!  I just need this stuff G-O-N-E!!!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure it will be great!

  2. Hope everything went well!!!


  3. I had to laugh at your comment because I had one t-shirt that I recently FINALLY threw away. There were holes in the neckline and the sleeves and it was threadbare, but I loved it. I slept in it sometimes at night which I am sure THRILLED my hubby.

    I hope your yard sale went well! People amaze me with their sense of entitlement. How dare you have a life and not be available when she needs you....

    I offered to do my son's friend a favor the other day and his friend said "Sure" when he took me up on the offer.

    I half jokingly said "You are aware that I am offering to do YOU a favor, right? You aren't doing me a favor...." to which he sheepishly replied "Thank you." I educate when I can, lol!

    BTW, you are doing an awesome job on repaying your loans! Keep it up, girl!