Friday, March 25, 2011

Messy Mind = Messy Purse

photo by factwoman@photobucket

Things are very rough right now....and in the past 48 hours have escalated.  My purse is a MESS.  I couldn't find my debit card in that big mess, so I ended up using my CC to put gas in my car.  I transferred the money from my checking account to the pay the charge, but it was an extra step I was forced to do because I needed gas, and dumping out my purse all over my car wasn't going to help at the moment.

I have loose change, paper money, receipts.  It kind of looks like my wallet drank too much and barfed in my purse.  Meanwhile, my wallet is disorganized too.  I usually keep certain things in certain places (like our insurance card).  Up is down, down is up....dogs and cats, living together!

I have NOT tracked a single thing in 6 weeks.  Bills are paid, checkbook is balanced.  But don't ask me what I have spent on clue.  And I probably don't wanna know at this point.  I am sure I could figure it out if I added up all the receipts floating around in my purse though!

So tonight, I hold my purse's hair back, and let it puke all over the kitchen table and then clean it up.  It might be nice to know how much cash I have.  Or where my debit card is......


  1. You are absolutely correct. Having a cluttered purse, a big focal part of your financial world, makes it hard to feel in control. hopefully you will have a chance this weekend (or last night) to get that all tidied up.

  2. Oh girl my purse got the purging this morning. It has been so messy and so heavy. Glad we both have cleaner purses and cleaner lives. :) Just looking over your debt reductions and it looks good. So proud of you. We just knocked out our last car payment and it feels so good. Both vehicles are paid for. We are now paying down the 2nd mortgage so we can get out of this house :)

  3. What a good laugh I got from your post! "Hold its hair back..."

    There have been many moments in my life where I get to the till and I mutter "Good Lord, give me a minute..." while I go through the mish mash of receipts, business cards, plastic cards and other craziness to find my credit card. An accidental purse dump off the seat of the car is a real great time too!

    I use my credit card for all purchases and pay in full every month so that I get reward $.

    I really enjoy your blog!