Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Posting from my new computer!

Greetings from the world of a computer that works!

As I mentioned here....we bought a new computer.  Had the car complication happened BEFORE the computer...I doubt I would have done it.  But it is done, and it is here!  It is a bulkier desktop model (technically, it is a business computer).  It didn't come with a monitor, so we have our old monitor that takes up half the desk sitting here.  Not bad for $380 with shipping.  It isn't as sexy as what most of you probably have.  But I like it.

But it is so much faster than what we had before!  I used to click on the internet....walk away....get a cup of coffee....walk by it to see if it loaded something else....and THEN it was done. Now it is just a click away and the world is at my finger tips.

In light of other things, I am pretty sure this will be the last "major" purchase for awhile.  That makes me a little sad.  But other things need to take place.  I was glad we had the money (minus $30) to pay for the computer, and it makes me happy that it wasn't an impulse buy, or over the top crazy expensive.

Thanks to my bro for looking out for his sis and finding the deal for us!


  1. Enjoy your treat! I hope it makes the coming days easier, or at least gives you a refuge {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Wooo wooo!! Glad to see you again!

  3. Awesome! Enjoy your new computer!!

  4. $380 is a really good deal! and it's lovely to have some speed I get really frustrated when I have to wait too