Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year to the entire blogging community. I hope that you celebrated in whatever way YOU like to do it. For G-man and myself...we are homebodies. We had snack food, watched TV, and were in bed by 11pm. And loved every minute of it!

Taking my cues from others in the blogosphere, I am setting my goals for this new year. Having a child with special needs teaches you alot about setting goals. Goals need to be measurable...they need to be specific....they need to have benchmarks (or mini-goals). Using all of this knowledge, I am working on the Mysti goals in several areas.

I am going to set this up in different posts (you will see why later). So please take a minute and take a peek. Give me your thoughts. If you have the same goal (or something similar)....maybe we can be Goal-Buddies!

Happy New Year!!!

Scroll down to see my Financial, Personal, and Blogging Goals...or just click!

1 comment:

  1. Mysti...I didn't know that you had a special needs babydoll... What's the special need?
    Only asking because I think I have the MOST special needs kiddo around (ok...not the most, but he sure is needy!)...and I find it harder than most to budget because of HIS needs (not our lack of trying).

    And you know I'll be your goal buddy...i'm still making my list...and checking it twice (because I don't want to make too many unattainable goals).
    whew...we have some work to do this week!