Saturday, January 2, 2010

How long is it good for?

In our state, they charge us 5 cents per bottle when you purchase water, soda, etc. Basically any recyclable drink container. You get it back if you bring the container back for recycling. (As a side bar....G-man hates doing this....this is my job)

You bring the bottles to the "bottle room" (brilliant name....wonder how long it took them to think that up), and you get a little ticket that shows your "refund." You can either take it to customer service for the cold hard cash, or they use it as a coupon if you are purchasing something at the grocery store and it comes off at the end.

G-man and I were cleaning out the attic yesterday, and I found a $2 receipt from the bottle room! Looked at the date:


I have had this for 8 years. This pre-dates my children. This was around the time we moved into this house, so I am guessing it just moved with us and was never heard from again.

Wonder if they will still honor it.......I am gonna find out!

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  1. Ok, Mysti, I just read your comment on my post about your "padding", and now I'm looking at your debts on your sidebar... You can wipe out four of those amounts in one fell swoop! How much interest are you paying on those? What are the minimum payment amounts that you could apply toward another debt? You might want to think about "letting go", girl -- it could really make a difference!