Thursday, January 7, 2010

How are you doing on your goals, one week in? Haven't exercised yet (but in my defense, I have been fighting a cold for 4 days now). Kitchen floor isn't washed (but today is the 7th, so TECHNICALLY my 1x a week goal still has time). The big financial talks with G-man will start tomorrow. We are both home from work, kids at we have time and quiet to think, discuss, whatever.

So far, we have sold $25 of "stuff" toward our $350 goal for the month. Another $25 should happen today...and possibly another $50 or so next week. Slowly but surely.

I think the one thing that I am happy about right now is that we actually have a basic plan (albeit a crude one) and I am hoping that with some hard work, it will fully form. The unknown still scares me...the move in particular. But I can only account for the past....not the future.

With some positive energy, it will happen. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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