Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting into the Eat from your Pantry Spirit

OK, so I am not quite going all out, but I am attempting to clear a few things and use up what I have. I am also trying to meal plan a bit (have the next 3 nights covered!).

( part of judgment, ok????)

Tonight my children are feasting on:

3 frozen fish fillets
7 Bagel bites.
Handful of Smiley Fries
Green beans

Tomorrow is trash day I got to throw out the bags from the frozen prepared foods. And, I ate the left over Shephard's Pie from the other night for lunch.

Nothing but the best for my family!


  1. that's SO funny! My teenager was MAD at me tonight because we were out of Bagel Bites...(i refuse to buy them unless there are coupons and a sale...they just cost so much...and eats the whole box in two days!)

    That's a perfect dinner...I bet the kids went to bed with full tummies!

  2. Follow me I'll follow you. LOL Like your debt tracker on the side. hubs would love if I would do that. We are trying to get out of debt. That darn student loan.
    Laughed at this post...nothing but the best for my family too:) I just hate to cook
    I'm following and thanks for the comment on the five moms.