Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick leave KA-CHING!

G-man works a part time second job and he never takes sick leave. The payroll department asked him if he wanted to cash it out (too bad he can't do this at his main job....he has 700 hrs of sick leave!). He said sure...mentioned it to me in passing and said it would be a few extra bucks.

Well, it was almost $400 EXTRA bucks! KA-Ching, baby! *happy dance*

We might, just might...just able to actually get somewhere with our snowball! It can pay off some of the really small bills, and half of the dentist bill!

WOO HOO!! Way to go G-man, and your healthy immune system!


  1. Isn't it awesome how things just always find a way to work themselves out.
    Way to go G-man!
    I bet you go to sleep tonight smiling!