Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Small excitement....pathetic!

This year our out-of-pocket maximum for our medical insurance increased from $4000 to $5000. Once you hit that (yes....that means you have paid out of pocket 5 G's), you are off the hook for co-pays and co-insurance until the next calendar year.

And alas! We have hit this!!! We hit it every year....usually in October or November. And per our insurance company...we are there.

This is exciting because:

1) I can load up on some prescriptions. Our mail order fee is $65 for a 90 FREE until Dec 31. Plus Bossy Boy has food allergies that require and Epi-Pen....needed a new one of FREE! Plus many more.

2) Bossy Boy goes to occupational therapy more co-pay!

3) We still have about 30 occupational therapy sessions left in our calendar year, so now we can actually increase him to 2x a week for the next six weeks to work on a few things....and we don't have to pay for it!

4) I have some medical things going on, as does Bossy. Bring on those lab tests! Bring on the x-rays! Bring it all.....we aren't paying for it!

While it is pathetic that I am excited that we have paid over $5000 for medical (and please realize, that this does NOT include our premiums or OTC stuff), I am glad to be able to do a few more things in the coming weeks.

We have a FSA, and the $4000 we put aside for that was gone long ago. We still are not able to really claim stuff on our taxes....that 7.5% of salary is AFTER you account for the FSA. But hey....small victories, right?


  1. Are you kidding me? I'd be SUPER excited about that news! Medical bills ALWAYS throw a wrench in my darn budget. We could have one month with only$100 in co-pays...and the next month, it could be $5000.
    You visit the doc...and smile all day! I'm smiling with you!!!

  2. This is GREAT news. I am always, always so thankful we do not have co-pays and deductibles with our insurance. I never take it for granted! I hope you can get everything scheduled when you need it!

  3. Oh yeah, we always try to squeeze in whatever things we need for Nov. and Dec. if we have paid off our deductible!

    Could you send me a link to the company you use for your mail order prescriptions? That's one thing I don't do that I should do, in order to save money. Thanks, my friend.