Monday, September 21, 2009

Shout out to the peeps

I have spent sometime reading the blogs of a few of the followers (Melissa and Jeff, Mom's the Word)....and I just have to say

Love ya!

It makes me feel so much better to know that I am not alone in this battle. The battle that we got in over our head. The battle to get out. I am proud to see that you guys are winning, and hope to join your ranks. I am still a Private, while you guys are at least Sargeants (Or Majors!).

Guess that makes Dave Ramsey the 4-star General.

(and to all those military families out there....if I just butchered the rankings, my sincerest apology!)

We will all win the war!


  1. Well, I love you too! I read your blog every day even though I don't comment everyday.

    You will get out of debt, and when you do, you won't get back in it again because of the things you've learned along the way.

    My friend and I both quit our jobs to stay home with our first child. During that time I found a way to make some money doing various jobs (I've blogged about it) while staying at home.

    That first year we both stayed home but at the end of the year she had to go back to work and I was still able to remain at home.

    During that year they bought a brand new jeep, they ate out alot ($100 a pop!) and bought new clothes and maintained a two-income lifestyle on a one-income budget.

    When she went back to work she said she could't understand why she had to go back to work and yet I didn't.

    The difference was that we made lifestyle changes but they didn't. There were times when we couldn't even buy a hamburger at McDonald's! We lived very frugally, but it was worth it to be home.

    We never starved and never went hungry, but it's not like we could afford to eat out alot either. Things were tight.

    The lifestyle changes you are making will help you reach your goal and maintain your goal. You can do this, my friend.

    And yes, we are still tight, but not as tight as we were. Meaning that if we eat out at Taco Bell it doesn't mean we can't pay a bill. However, we need to tighten our belts anyway, to save to replace the car because we know we're going to need to do it someday.

  2. BTW, have you checked out $5 dinners and The Grocery Cart Challenge? They are great blogs too and can help you save money (like making your own laundry detergent or inexpensive meals).

    Cents To Get Debt Free is another great blog. You can find all three of them on my left sidebar. I think I mentioned Want What You Have last time I was here and they got out of debt too and she has a great blog too. Both of these are on my life sidebar too.

    In fact, awhile ago I did a post on my favorite frugal blogs and you can find it by looking at my labels, I think it's under "Favorite blogs" but you can probably find it under "Frugal" too.

  3. We at appreciate the shout out (and the chance for a plug). Mysti, keep the faith. Don't ever stop trying new ways! That magic bullet is out there!!

    We love your blog! It reminds us as we climb, that we have the responsibility to pull people up the hill with us and leave no one behind!!