Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now it is dead in the water

I called about our personal loan and explained to them what we were trying to do (i.e. it isn't new debt, but more of a consolidation). They told me to reapply and explain in detail the plan.

Well, we still got turned down.

The FA is about to get fired by us, because basically he is like....I dunno know. He wants us to try and get the loan from the local bank. But if they say no, then we are running out of ideas. We can't refinance the house, we can't gain cash flow. Nothing.

CC1 is losing ground. I am paying the minimum (which is up to $482) and the finance charges are killing us. We may have to close this acct and settle, which I have no idea what that will do to our credit score, thus making the refi on the house even more difficult.

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  1. That's real sad Mysti.I hope you get the approval soon.I shall pray that you do so.
    You can follow tips from my blog.