Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our love-hate affair with glass

G-man and I love glass. Our holiday tree is full of beautiful hand blown glass ornaments, and each year when we decorate our tree....we love to talk about where each one came from. Our house is 100 yrs old and has the original stained glass window in the hall. Pretty!!!

That is the love part.....

The hate doesn't always love us!!!!

We have had the attic window blow in and shatter. We currently have 2 windows in the house that are cracked (both because of G-man, but hey, who is keeping a tally??). We haven't fixed them due to budget. They aren't dangerous to the kids because of where they are; they aren't impacting anything other than aestetics. So for now, they sit.

And then G-man called me this morning.....his windshield is cracked! He apparently had a chip that he was unaware of, and was greeted to an eight inch crack this morning. *sigh* Couple this with the rock that hit MY windshield and chipped it this is just not our friend!!

Thank goodness we have glass coverage on our auto insurance!!!!

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