Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dave Ramsey

I love this man. Unfortunately, we do not get the cable network that carries his show. On occasion we get a free preview weekend and we get him for a few days, and I DVR it and watch it. And while I watch it....I want to jump through the tv and french kiss him!!! *hee hee* In addition to being smart, I find him really sexy!!!

I agree with so much of what he says, and I plan on using his tenets in the near future. But right now, we have to rework a few things. Our minimum payments on our debt is too high. There isn't even money for gas, food, clothes. Just to pay the fixed expenses, we are in the hole.

No money to snowball. G-man works 60 hrs a week at 2 jobs, which includes working 2nd shift (4pm - midnight) so he can get night pay (generally an extra 10%), and weekends (1.5x pay at his part time job, and an extra 25% at his main job). Even with this....the money isn't there. I work 18-20 hrs a week....willing to work more, but my company is struggling right now, and I can't work more right now.

We have tried to use his ideas to tighten the budget. Some choices we decided against. For example, we could get rid of cable....but our Autistic son would be so out of control we would be begging the cable company to please come back just to make it stop!!! G-man's car....I wanted to get rid of it....G-man drove a beater for years and just doesn't want to go back to it. OK....

Rice and Beans, and Beans and Rice.....

Once we reshuffle, the minimum payments will be more in line and THEN we can snowball. The current plan puts us at being debt free in 5 yrs (not including the mortgage). I really would love to see it in 3 yrs.....not sure if that is realistic, but a girl can work at it!


  1. I just recently bought a book of his at the thrift store.

    I hear you on the beans and rice. We had lentils and brown rice tacos this week and it amazes me how much my hubby and kids love it. It just surprises me that they'll eat it even though there's no meat!

    I once took a half gallon or milk and mixed it with powdered milk to make a gallon, and my kids drank it and even had seconds!

    I don't do that anymore though, but wanted to see if they'd notice, lol!

  2. Hi,
    I was perusing your blog and saw you like Dave Ramsey show. I used to watch him on-line at He was posting his shows for free there. I am not an advertiser for them but, I thought since you don't have cable you might want to check it out. I think you can just search his name and you can pick any show. I also subscribed to the podcast. If you have an ipod or ishuffle you can get it.

    Nice blog by the way. I look forward to hearing your progress