Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feel like we are failing already

I just started this blog a few weeks ago, and I am already feeling discouraged in the digging out process. I was updating the current balances, and we are just over $200 over the balance from a few weeks ago. I know we charged about this much for some school stuff for the kids, a gift for a wedding we have coming up. Some gas.....but some of that will be reimbursed.

I guess I should be "thankful" that G-man screwed up and used our debit card to pay for the $300 repairs on his car last week. It sucked that we had to pay this to begin with. Coupled with the $1500 bill from a few weeks ago for my suck.

We actually did reduce a few things, but added to others. Plus, we have a few more medical bills that I need to add to the total. So we are probably more like $500 above where we were a few weeks ago.

Ugh, this is hard!!!!

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  1. This sounds like the absolute norm when you are getting started. When we got started last year (August 2008) we owed 59,000+. Today, 1 year later, we are sitting at 1/2 that amount (about 29k). I think the ancient proverb says "A journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step". For us, it was Dave Ramsey's baby steps....but, keep going!