Friday, March 4, 2016

Status Check

Happy Friday!  Although my days all blend together....Monday is no different than Friday.

I updated my 3/1 numbers.  I did prepay most of the utilities on 3/1 as planned...and of course that day a bill showed up.  I had already paid it, and actually over-paid it.  I just let it go, as I need to keep a credit in the accounts in order to keep up with my plan.  I am confused on my cell phone bill....the amount due dropped $20 between getting the bill and paying the bill.  I think it had to do with the contract expiring.  Not sure.  But I had already paid that bill too when I discovered it. This bill is not in the "prepay" category as it is due on the 4th, and there just wasn't enough money to pay 2 months upfront right now.

I am glad we hadn't done our taxes yet, as there was a mistake on my W-2.  Boss sent new ones late last week. Based on the number of W-2s, states, is probably going to cost us over $300 to have someone do it.  I am haven't decided yet, but I am leaning toward doing it myself at this point. That discussion with G-man will happen over the weekend.

I am finding that while some things here are cheaper.....gas for one (we are at $1.41/gal....and even as low as $1.38 in a few areas)....some things seem more expensive, like meat.  Walmart has been my main grocery shopping locale, even though I like another store better.  I am trying to find more no-meat meals to make, but my uber picky family isn't making it easy.  Our water bill is higher here too.  We pay it monthly (vs every 6 months in CT), but when you average it all is still higher here.  Of course, we no longer have an oil bill...but we do have a gas bill (which should drop very soon as we are heading into 70's and our heat usage is already becoming less and less). 

He is interviewing for another position at the office today.  This is the job he really has wanted.  In all honesty, he should have been trying for this position years ago, but he didn't have the confidence.  His confidence level has soared since starting here.  He has an excellent shot at getting it.  The salary would be the same at this point (again, it is all based on a scale), but his salary cap is way higher.  He stands to have a $30,000 raise over the next few years.  He is able to continue to do his field work.  He is happy.

He is still at the grocery store, but they have cut hours, so it is only for 8 hours on Sundays.  Right now, every dollar counts, so he is doing it.  But we are hoping that within a few months, this is a non-issue.

Still a mess.  Small step made this week, but far to go.  Has a cold right now.  I almost kept her home, but she wanted to go.  I won't be surprised if I get a call by lunch time from the nurse.

School is fine.  We will have a meeting in a few weeks for his high school planning program, which will be interesting as they offer a completely different type program here than we had in CT.  He is going camping for the first time with his new scout troop next weekend.  We still are a little anxious, as the leaders really haven't had alot of time to get to know him, and vice versa.  But we talked with everyone and decided to let him go.  He will only be 10 minutes if things go south, we can get him easily.

67 resumes sent so far.  Nothing yet.  I know someone mentioned a temp agency.  Well, they really don't do that here.  Staffing agencies are used to help companies find temp to perm candidates for other companies.  It isn't as simple as having qualified people and they get assigned somewhere.  So, I have been applying for retail jobs in the meantime.  I am having a really hard emotional time with it.  Plus, all but one I have applied for is on-line, and includes this RIDICULOUS assessment of 50-75 questions that is designed to see your work ethic and ambition.  I am spending 45 min to an hour per application.  Frustrating.

I have been doing some work for my old boss, but that ends today.  He took too much away from what I was doing, and now my replacement is bored.  So there went my few bucks.  I think he doesn't trust her yet with alot of things, so he is doing them.  Well, that is his choice....but it just goes to prove that he had no idea what I actually did.  

We have been here 3 months already.  I am really ready to start MY life.


  1. Chin up... Something will come up.

  2. If you have been able to do some of your old job from your new location. Would it be possible for you to have your old job back and do it remotely maybe having to travel back to the old office occasionally? Just a thought.

    1. Not at all. Beyond the fact they hired a replacement...the job as a whole is very paper heavy (thousands of sheets per month). No way to do all of the paper processing by telecommuting.

      And like I said, my old boss restructured the job when I left (probably so he could pay someone less), and a huge chunk of the job he kept himself (he is a bit of a control freak and I think he was uncomfortable having a new person doing that stuff).