Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not much of a job update

It has been a week since my great interview.  I hadn't heard anything, so I called and left a follow up message.  The girl who interviewed me called back and said they haven't heard back from the client about next step interviews but she will let me know one way or the other.

Additionally, I interviewed at the retail store and got a generic email that they are not interested.  Not surprised.  I am sure they figured out that I was not going to stay if I got a full time job.

AND I phone interviewed with the place that seemed to have disappeared after reaching out to me initially.  They completely misrepresented what the job was, and it would have been a complete waste of time.  Almost an hour commute for very little money, and the hours were 3pm to 7 pm daily.  No.

Le Sigh.  I am still applying for everything is under the sun in the meantime.  I am slightly concerned about the "time of year" slowing things down.  Most schools here are on spring break from Good Friday (just over a week away), through the week after Easter, returning the first week of April.  There may be alot of people taking time off, thus things slowing down.  Nothing I can do about that.

Next week will be my first week in 8 years without some sort of paycheck.  Very weird.


  1. A lot of companies are really inconsiderate when it comes to interviewing. And the process always seems to take 2 to 3 times longer than they think it will. Good luck, I hope you hear something soon.

  2. Could you substitute teach in some local schools as a temporary job until you find a permant job? Around here they pay Around $100 a day and many districts don't require a certification just a bachelors degree.

  3. The job market is still really tough, at least here in Florida. My friends have been waiting an average of 2 years before being able to get a new job. Luckily I am employed, but I have been looking for about a year. Good luck and hang in there!