Thursday, March 24, 2016

And here we all are...

Thank you all for your kind words over the loss of our kitty.  When we got him, I had no idea how important he truly would become to me.  I am glad that his suffering is over, but I still am a little selfish and wish he was still with us.  My feet keep looking for him at night in bed.  The vet called yesterday and I let it go to voicemail....I haven't listened to it yet, as I already know that it to tell me that his cremains are ready to be picked up.  The vet clinic we are now using have been nothing but kind and compassionate.  They even sent us a condolence plant with a lovely note about what a sweet cat he was with them, and that they know we did everything we could, and they could tell how very loved he was.  Very thoughtful.

The kids are unofficially on Spring Break as of today, and through next week.  I say unofficially because today is "job shadowing" day for the 8th graders.  They were given an excused absence from school as long as they complete the requirements for the event.  Bossy has his job shadow (at a local doggie daycare and training facility, since he loves animals so much) later today.  Sassy has hers next Wednesday morning at a pediatric outpatient therapy clinic.  Job shadowing is designed to give the kids an idea what the job they think they want to do....actually does!

No plans for the weekend....we really don't do Easter around our house.  The dishwasher appears to be leaking into the garage, so the handyman guy will be coming on Saturday.  While it is nice that we aren't responsible for the cost of the repair, it is hard to be on someone else's schedule. 

We are kicking around the idea of going to visit G-man's mom at the end of spring break.  If we leave right after Sassy is done with her job shadow, we could be there by dinner time, and then head home Sunday.  She hasn't seen the kids in almost 2.5 years (Christmas 2013).  Our main cost would be gas and then some groceries to help out while we are there.

It does not appear that I am being considered for the job I interviewed for 2 weeks ago.  I called last week as a follow up, and the staffing specialist told me she hadn't heard from the actual company, and she would let me know either way.  And that is where it ended.  Disappointed.

G-man also does not appear to have gotten the job he interviewed for a few weeks ago.  On the upside, he found out that there were 148 applicants and 7 interviews, so the top 5%.  That is at least a positive.  The official word hasn't been given, but rumor mill states that they hired from outside the agency. G-man said he didn't think he answered some questions as well as he should have, so that is a learning process for him.

This was my first week without a paycheck at all.  :(  Applying for everything under the sun at this point.

The little black cloud over my head can leave now!!!


  1. This is the down side to moving, but you are together!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. We lost our orange one just over two weeks ago. They are so much a part of our lives and are definitely family.

  3. You have a masters degree! have you tried applying at colleges, universities, schools, private schools etc.. When I was in college I used to work at the computer lab, $14 per hour, part time, not much but it was great way to get in.. once I was in they wanted to hire me full time.

    Don't worry you will find a job just takes some time..


  4. Are you in the Charlotte area? We lived there for 6 years and the job market is tight! We moved for my husbands job but it took me 8 months to find a job and I'm an accountant (have a BS degree but not CPA) and that was many many years ago. Hang in there!