Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trying to balance NOW with FUTURE

Part of any move includes tying up loose strings.  In theory, you then get to cross them off your To Do list.  Yay!  But sometimes these loose strings aren't just strings....they are an entity in themselves.  And when your kid is involved.....le sigh.

For us, this is Scouting for Bossy.  I can't say enough about what a positive experience this has been for him.  We have already looked ahead at troops in our new town, and look forward to getting him involved.  There are 2, so we will be reaching out to both, attending a few meetings, and deciding which is a better fit for Bossy.

But here....we have ALOT to do.

We signed Bossy up (before the offer came on the house) for a "merit badge day" which is basically an intensive day to complete specific badges, under the guidance of professionals in those areas.  It allows kids access to things that they may have had more difficulty with on their own, or to just be able to focus and get it done.  We signed him up for a 3 in 1 course, so he will get 3 badges (the subjects are all related, so they lend themselves easily to go together).  But there were a few prerequisites to complete before the course.

We have done some....but not all of it yet.  We have 9 more days, so all is not lost.  But I need to schedule that time into our days.


He is almost done with his current rank.  I had him speak with a leader about what he needs to do to finish it before we go.  It is possible to do it.  And the leader, who is just a great guy, even offered to have us over to his house for a special 1 on 1 session to complete some things that they usually do on an overnight campout.

I want to do this for my son.  I know he will feel so much more confident that he has completed something he has been working on for a year.  But for his mom, it is daunting to add larger projects to the list.

So the plan.....I will look at the notes the leader sent home, and schedule it in.  I will do all I can to make it work.  It might mean I am packing in the early morning, or late night.  It might mean that I have to go into work early so I can leave a little earlier in the afternoon so I can work with my son.

It also means that I have to prep my son that we will both try really really hard....but I can't promise that we will get there.  At the end of the day, some things may have to give.  But we are going to give it all we got to make it work.

On the flip side....the only thing we have for Sassy is a chorus concert on Black Friday, at the town tree-lighting ceremony.  I know it is important to her, so we will make sure we are there.  If we weren't moving, this was a required event for the 8th grade.  And while technically her last day of school will be the day before Thanksgiving, she has been working toward this and we will go.  And a bonus for her....Daddy will be home by then, so he will be able to see her too!

Amazing how I can feel ok about everything one minute, and frazzled the next!!!


  1. Mysti can I just say that you are such a great mom! If all kids had a mom like you, who cared enough about their kids to see what needs to be done in their lives to help make the transition of a move go more smoothly, then this world would be a much better place. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom! Good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you so much. I have not felt like a great mom in the past year, but I look forward to being more involved soon.

  2. I love the scouting program it is a positive.


  3. So glad the Scouting program has been such a wonderful experience for your family. I know it was for ours as well, especially DS2.