Friday, October 23, 2015

Oh Hello Old "Friend"

Murphy, you ole so-and-so!  How have you been??  PLEASE, come in!  Sit down....can I get you a drink?  Rub your feet?


Last week, I threw a load of towels in the washer before bedtime, with the plan to put them in the dryer in the morning.  When I went back to the washer, there was an error code of F28.  Gotta love electronics.  Our washer is almost 10 years old, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility that something might go awry.  Actually, it commonly throws a F21 or F33 code, which is a drainage code (unplug the machine, wait 20 min, replug the machine, and drain).  Around the house, we call it "effing" the machine.

But F28 was a new code for me, and I didn't have time at that moment to figure it out.  I unplugged the machine, and looked the code up later.  Communication code.  The Google Gods told me that the computer units in the machine weren't "handshaking."  It could be as simple as a loose connection (10 years of vibration could have loosened something).  It could be that one of the units is now broken.

Let's try the simple solution first....checking all the connections.  You Tube says to remove the lid and the front panel and check all the connections.  Um....ok.  I don't really know how to do that.  So I phoned a friend!  He is my go-to person when stuff has broken that is beyond my abilities, or when I need more strength.  He said he could come over Friday morning.  Ok, great.

Friday morning came, and he did come over...however, he didn't stay.  He didn't tell me he only had 10 minutes that morning, and that he didn't plan on actually looking at the problem.  He looked at the machine, told me he would Google it, and come back on Saturday.  But he didn't come back....he got busy.

Now I am left on my own to try and free my trapped towels...they have been in there for days.  Being an electronic, front load machine...the door is locked.  It is a safety mechanism so you don't open the door mid cycle and spill water all over the floor.  But in this case, it is just a PITA.

I had to remove the lid of the machine (thank you again Google for teaching me that the little star screws are T-20) since I couldn't get to the bottom panel (screws were too close to the ground and I didn't have the physical strength to tilt the machine back).  I had to lay on top of the machine and hang backward over the back to get the lid unscrewed.  I really don't want to know what it looked like to an observer.

A few minutes later...success!  Lid off!  Google again taught me that there was a ring that was the manual release for the door lock.  With a flashlight in my mouth, I went arm length deep into the cavity of the washer and felt around until I found the ring and opened the door.  YAY Mysti!!!!  The towels were soaking wet (so the machine must have stopped during the spin cycle).  No visible mold, and definitely sour.  I already knew they would be re-washed, but for the moment, I had to hand wring them out and threw them in the dryer (over 2 hrs on high).

I called the repair guy who came out yesterday and gave me the bad news that we were already anticipating...the machine is dead.  It needs several parts....the F28 code was for the motor.  The drainage codes indicate that the water pump is shot.  And since it is a 10 year old machine, it is likely the bearings are worn out and would be the next to go.  Just the motor would run $452 for installation of a refurbished part.  We didn't even talk further.  At this cost, we would just buy a new washer. I paid $84.02 for the service call and thanked the guy for his time.

I have done 3 loads at the laundrymat and brought the wet clothes home to dry.  So far I have spent $12.75 for those 3 loads.  Good grief!  And I didn't even dry them!

So a new washer is in our near or far into the future is in debate at the moment.  We have other things to deal with first.   Because in true Mysti fashion...there is always something else.....


  1. That is a major bummer! but 10 years on a washing machine these days is quite a long time, so sounds like you got the life out of it. Of course it's never convenient time for them to go. I'm glad my machine is just basic and doesn't have all that electronic stuff. In my house a washing machine would have to be replaced that day, LOL. I could live without a range for awhile (and I did for 4 months) or a dishwasher, but washer and dryer are a must have for me.

    1. More and more washers are electronic. But I really just want a basic machine. When we are ready to buy a new one, I really just want the ability to select the size load and go.

      I am not thrilled going to the laundry mat in the mean time, but it won't be forever.

  2. Had my washer fixed 2 months ago. It is a top loader. Guy who fixed it said to keep it going as long as possible because the newer electronic washers are nothing but nightmares. I have never heard anything good about front loaders ever.

    I will keep my good old top loader. Newer technology is not always better. You can probably get a good deal on a washer. They are always on sale somewhere.

  3. Ugh, this is a big fear of mine. My washer is about that old and gets plenty of use. I dread buying a new one because I don't want a new-fangled one - no front-load, no electronics - just a regular old machine. Do you have a Sear's Outlet anywhere close? My daughter got a good deal there. Meantime, I guess if there's a bright side it's that you're only washing for three right now (I know you'd rather be doing it for four, though). Hang in there.