Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to my babies

I have no idea how 13 years have gone by.  THIRTEEN.  Teenagers!  GAK!

They were born on a cloudy Wednesday (Wednesday's child is full of woe....Man, the Universe got that one right!).  As I am typing this.....13 years ago we were meeting with the Neonatalogist to decide if we were going to try and resuscitate them at birth or let them go.  Kinda big first parenting decisions.

But at 9:56am, and 1:28pm (yes, they are 3.5 hrs apart!), Bossy and Sassy were born and our lives were changed forever.  Despite EVERYTHING....I would do it all again.  No doubt in my mind.

Now today....I kissed my newly crowned teenagers good morning and sent them off to the second day of 8th grade.  He happily sprinted out the door for school.  She came home in tears yesterday (overwhelmed because the school started a new schedule system that is CRAZY for an adult to follow, let alone kids), so she was much more apprehensive about today.

She is standing tall at 5'6" and 95 (ish) pounds.  He is standing less tall at BARELY 5 feet (depends on who is measuring him!), and 82 pounds.  Both healthy, both reasonably happy.  Both in puberty now (the girl attitude SUCKS and her crying over everything gets under my skin; he is just barely into puberty, but the body odor has hit full force!  UGH).  They physically look so different now that unless you know they are twins, you would never guess it.

We are entering into unchartered territory in the coming years.  Physical changes.  Emotional changes.  Cognitive changes.  College is in the not so distant future anymore.  We will be dealing with romantic feelings....and learning to drive....and thoughts about where you want your life to go.   Scary!!

But to my beautiful drive me crazy in some way each and everyday....but I wouldn't have it any other way.  You are growing and maturing and learning and loving.  We will do the best we can to deliver you safely into adulthood....we will make mistakes and we will screw parts of it up (don't worry children, you will do the same to your kids).  I can promise you through the frustration and tears, that we will always, ALWAYS love you.  There is nothing you will ever do that would change that.

So please join me in welcoming my kids into the next big chapter of their lives!!  Happy Birthday to my babies.....not so much babies anymore.


  1. Happiest of birthdays to your kiddos!

  2. Happy 13th birthday kids! Enjoy your special day.

  3. Happiest of Birthday's to them and to you!

  4. Happy Birthday, may today be a wonderful day. Sassy don't worry, next week you will be a wiz at school. Cheryl

  5. Happy birthday to your kiddos! And happy birthing day to you!

  6. That's very sweet, Happy Birthday "babies" !