Friday, May 1, 2015

Time Issue Rant

How is it that we all have the same 24 hours in a day....but some people seem to have MORE time, or LESS time?  It all boils down to how you use your time....and how many things turn into something MORE or LESS than you expect, and then how you deal with that windfall of time...or the time suck of it all!  For example....


I gave up the ghost on finding my driver's license and replaced it at the local AAA.  I am happy to report that the process was super easy, and the $3 surcharge for doing it at AAA was well worth it.  Even though I brought all the documents they listed on the website, they really only needed my birth certificate and marriage certificate.  But if I hadn't brought everything....I would have needed it.  Oh well.  My only slight disappointment was that they used the picture that was on file.  I did my hair and my make-up all extra special nice, figuring I would have to get a new picture.  At least the old one isn't terrible....just a bummer.

This whole process took me less than 30 minutes...which includes gathering my documents, and the drive to and from AAA (I was in the office about 15 min).  Had I gone to the DMV....this would have easily been an hour or more. 


I am having some health issues right now.  Nothing too serious.  But I would rather deal with it with the doctor I have been going to for 15 years than with a new doctor in a few months who will only know my history by my chart and what I try and explain (and some of it is complicated).  This has also spawned lab work and pathology testing.  Fortunately, insurance has covered the major of it, and my FSA covers the rest.

This has turned into a major time-suck.  The office is about 25 min (with city driving and the horrible parking garage), from either my house or office.  My appointment in February....turned into 2 more appointments in February (and one of those turned into 2.5 hrs!).  Then another one yesterday (and the office got a new computer system, and lets just say it wasn't going well)....another 2 hrs.  Plus, I keep ending up in rush hour traffic because my appointments end so late, which then throws off dinner (I got home after 6pm last night, and it would have taken me a hour to make dinner....and the kids couldn't wait that we got pizza).  Well, now I have to come back 2 more times!  But I couldn't schedule those yet because they have to call my insurance.

I schedule the appointments at the end of the day so it doesn't disrupt work too much.  The doctor is only in this office on certain days, one of which the office opens later in the morning to accommodate staff meetings, so I can't make the appointment for the morning, or it ends up screwing up my work schedule.  But this whole thing has added up to a huge hassle. 

I have spent hours and hours on this.  It was supposed to be one appointment as a check-up.  I love my doctor....and she has been through thick and thin with me.  She calls me her V.I.P., and due to previous health things...I am a famous name around there.  ( of the doctors wrote a paper and gave a presentation on me!)  She is very thorough.  But good one hour check up has turned into close to close to 11 hrs now....with more to go.

I am also in this stage right now where it seems everything requires a phone call.  A bill is wrong.  Something else is wrong.  I need to schedule an appointment.  I need to RE-schedule an appointment.  I am constantly needing to make phone calls.

Well....businesses have business hours.  And part one of the time-issues rant is that I WORK!  I can't sit on the phone all day.  I have to stagger my calls around, or try and make them from the car on my way home.  And when I have to schedule an becomes difficult because I WORK!  So do lots of people...and we all need those same hours for an appointment.  If I want a 1pm appointment for something....sure.  I need the last appointment, or first is getting blood from a turnip.  A 1pm appointment usually ends up in missing a half day of no.

Plus, there is always the lovely person on the other end who may or may not be helpful in the situation.  Called the mortgage company when they took out a double mortgage insurance payment.....not helpful.  When the trash guys didn't pick up our trash last week....that turned into 2 phone calls....not helpful.  Dentist who managed to get me in the next day for a cleaning....super helpful!


I need a 36 hour day.....someone get on that for me, ok?


  1. I think that adjusting to life as a temporary single parent doesn't help with the time issue either. I hope that they are able to figure out your health issues before you move.

  2. getting onto it as we speak. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  3. Our doctor set up a computer program where we can schedule appointments, ask for prescription refills, ask questions, etc. It's wonderful, use to hate calling the office and being put on hold, listening to bad music and never knowing if my messages got back to the doctor or his nurse.

  4. Oh honey I feel your pain, too much to do and too little time is a problem for most of us. I am sorry you are having health issues.

  5. I haven't been eating well, sleeping enough, & zero exercise, so my energy levels are zapped. That attributes to me not using my time wisely. When I get home from work I just wanna veg :-/