Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Productivity Bonus


Without going into the very long and complicated details....there are changes coming down the pike for the agency I work for.  These are state-wide changes, and while the directors of each individual company have pushed this back at least 8 months, maybe a year.....they are coming in some form.

My boss can get a little jumpy.  And this one made him JUMP.  March was a rough month around the office.

In the meantime, he made a few changes.  And like any change, it can take time to get used to it.  I think some of the changes are good, and in the long run will be very beneficial.  I also think that he created a massive amount of chaos, and stressed everyone out in the short term.

Additionally, he is trying to build our client numbers, but FAST.  Again, this would take a much longer explanation on how this works.  But he is trying to produce revenue now to offset a potential loss of revenue later.  Makes sense...but how he has gone about this....sigh.  It has been CRAZY.

He is OBSESSED with productivity numbers.  I can't even tell you how many different ways he looks at it, and crunches numbers.  For me, this usually means being interrupted a dozen times an hour (how productive is that???) to find another number....or add up numbers from data that I keep...or printing off a different report and blah blah blah.  I tell you, while the computation isn't hard...the interruptions are.

I am glad I am leaving.....the wake of all of this is going to be nasty.

Anyway....at yesterday's staff meeting, he announced at how pleased he was with everyone's numbers (this is the buttering up part....where he also very casually slipped in that this insanity is going to continue and get worse).  To thank everyone for their hard work, we are all getting a bonus!

Once taxes come out, it will be about $150.  So yay us.  G-man will be home next week, so we will be using it toward some of the activities we have planned for the week.  It will be just that much less that we have to pull from slush account.

Every little bit helps!


  1. Good for you! A bonus is always nice! And even nicer that your husband with be home😀😀

  2. I agree every little does indeed help. Has your boss not used the phrase "Short term pain for long term gain?" He sounds as though he could be a phrase kinda guy along with a numbers guy.

  3. Enjoy the bonus! And enjoy that you won't be around for all the craziness to come down the pike! =)

  4. Great sound to me like he is worried about his job....