Monday, March 9, 2015

A rough start to the morning

Got up at 6am.  Brrrr....cold in the house.  It was cool last night....but I didn't think much of it.  This morning however. ...something was wrong.  The thermostat was reading 48.   AWWWW CRAP.

I did everything I knew how to do....flipped it on and off.  Checked breaker box.  Oil in tank.  So I called the service people.   We have a contract so no charge for the call.  But in my head I am already gearing up that the furnace is now dead and we will have to replace it.

Meanwhile....there is no sound coming from the tv.  Sound coming from the it isn't the tv.  Start resetting stuff.  Not working.  Grr.

It is only 6:24 am.   I am trying to deal with the normal morning stuff plus 2 additional issues.  

Service guy luckily was in the area and came over super quick.  Someone turned off the main power switch (which I didn't even know where it was until he pointed it out.   It is above the light switch going down to the basement.)  I am guessing that the people who came for the showing yesterday accidentally hit it.   So now the furnace is back on and I feel stupid.

Meanwhile back at the tv....I am unplugging wires and checking connections.  Eventually the sound comes back.  A very happy Bossy cheered.

Way too eventful of a morning.  By 6:45 all was fixed.  No monetary cost....but high stress cost.

I am so over this solo adventure.


  1. You are not stupid. I would have assumed it was the furnace too. Glad it was something simple. Maybe put something over the switch to prevent it getting flipped again.

    Try to enjoy the rest of your day. It is only 0 degrees Celsius here today which is downright balmy. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bleah. I loathe daylight savings time. Mornings seem that much harder already. Add something like this: Double bleah.

  3. lets hope the rest of your day is uneventful!!

  4. It always happens when the guys are not home. I am ready for this adventure to be over for you.