Friday, February 20, 2015

Just Call Me Mario...

the plumber!!

In addition to the snow and the car....the next biggest bane of my existence is probably the plumbing.  How does it know that G-man isn't here, and I don't know anything about it?  In the almost 3 months (yes, it has been almost 3 months already!) since he left, I have:

  • Unclogged both toilets with a plunger (on more than one occasion)
  • Unclogged one toilet with a snake (twice!)
  • Fixed the separated pipes under the kitchen sink (which included a trip to Home Depot) **and in full disclosure, this actually happened 2x, but the second time I just couldn't get it, so I ran over to the neighbor for help
  • Dealt with a broken float in the tank and leaking pipe **my friend's husband actually fixed both of these, but I got to go to Home Depot...twice....for parts (why couldn't both pieces malfunction at the same time so I could just go to the store once??)

and the newest notch on my bedpost....

  • A leaking valve (which I proudly used the pliers to tighten the nut and stopped the leak)

Fortunately, none of the repairs were major.  The total cost was about $13 for the 3 parts I had to replace (the washer I need to fix the sink was free).  But all of these little adventures has highlighted something:  the need to know some basic home repair!!!

I know a little about A LOT of things.  I know a lot about a few things.  Plumbing was not on either list.

I am an "end user" on this in I don't know, or really want to know, how it works....I just want the end product (aka, working units).  I don't care how the toilet actually works, I just want to go potty, flush, wash my hands, and leave.  I don't WANT to know that the float drops to the bottom of the tank when you flush and as the tank refills, it "floats" up and has a stop to prevent the tank from overfilling.

But I do know this now.

I think alot of people don't learn much about the stuff that their significant other deals with....because THEY deal with it so you don't have to.  But I am telling ya from first hand experience....not knowing anything SUCKS when you have to deal with it.  I have had my crash course in plumbing, which has lead to putting plumbing in the "know a little" category.  Do your loved ones a favor.....

  1. Teach them something about subjects that they don't normally deal with 
  2. Make sure they know how to access information (to bring this back around to finance....make sure they know how to find the accounts and passwords!)
  3. Realize there is a learning curve in all of this
  4. Celebrate the new found knowledge
This "I am woman, hear me roar!" stuff is getting old.....I am ready to hand the reigns back to G-man on this subject!!!


  1. This post hit home with me. My husband is a plumber and I know nothing about it because he takes care of everything. A couple days ago, I told him that the dishwasher was smelling so he went right over and disassembled it to clean it out. I would have no clue. Good for you, Mysti.

    1. And if you lived closer. ..I would have called your husband! I almost had to replace the float myself which was scaring the poop out of me!

  2. I like doing the stuff around the house. I have tried and figured out a lot of issues including plumbing ones. YouTube is helpful. Some things are beyond me though. And some things are beyond even my boyfriend and my dad. I've fixed the tanks a couple of times and I've plunged many a clogged toilet. I'm dorky that way though. I like understanding how things work.

    1. I like doing SOME stuff around the house. Plumbing and Electrical are not on that list. I much prefer the decor stuff or craft stuff. Or building stuff.

      My natural curiosity about things just doesn't extend into the mechanical, however. Cars...I want to turn the key and go....I don't want to know anything about the hamsters in there making the wheel go around! LOL

  3. I am guilty of this, as dh is an electrician, so I know NOTHING about electrics or DIY in general. I guess I should learn........but honestly I have NO interest in it at all!!

  4. I keep telling my husband he should learn about all our finances cuz if I die tomorrow....he is in trouble :). Conversely I should learn how to use the lawn tractor.

    1. I almost died 7 yrs ago...and in the short time G-man had to deal with stuff....he was so lost.

      I am going to have to learn how to use the lawnmower in the spring...ugh

  5. I know how to unclog a toilet and turn off the water at the toilet ... beyond that, I'm not much of a plumber.