Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

To all my bloggy friends....may 2015 bring you health, happiness, and peace.

I really have missed blogging.  So I have decided to try and make it more of a priority, despite some bloggy bumps.  I plan on still talking about the day to day stuff....and some moving stuff (until we get further along).  And it will still be peppered with non-financial stuff.....

I am working on a post with new numbers, and some general thoughts.  I will say right now, and will say it again in that post.....2015 is a total crap shoot.  The number of unknowns is far higher than we we have ever dealt with, so any long term plans or goals are subject to change. 

2015 is going to bring so many changes....I am interested to see where we land!!!  I hope you come along!