Friday, September 19, 2014

Random Thoughts

1)   I love the auto start feature of the coffee pot.  Set it up the night before....wake up to coffee. 

2)   I know that most things we as adults do have been "learned" along the way...but I bet most of us have no idea how we learned them.  Sassy's very long hair continually looked greasy.  I thought she wasn't rinsing well, so much to her chagrin, I watched her wash her hair in the shower.  Lo and behold, the kid was using this teeny tiny amount of shampoo (like, enough to bath a cat!), and she was applying it under the water, so it was all just rinsing away.  A five minute refresher on how to wash her hair has made a huge difference!!!  I have no idea how I personally learned to wash hair....

3)  We moved some stuff around the house to allow it to show better.  Amazing how much we like it.  Too bad we didn't think of it sooner.

4)  Realizing that this move is a fresh start is way more intimidating that I would have thought.   People know nothing about our past, and will only know what we tell them.  The idea that we will have "secrets" unnerves me.

5)  I love Boo Berry Cereal.  It only comes around in Fall....before Halloween.  The company has made the box is just over 9 oz.  I bought a box.  G-man and Sassy ate it.  Not even one little boo berry for Mysti.......*sniff*


  1. I am so with you on the girl's hair washing thing. It bugs me to no end about my daughter. Her hair is wavy and tangles so easily. It always look greasy and matted. I cannot stand it!

    I am with you wholeheartedly on the automatic coffee pot. Best invention EVER!

    Good luck with starting fresh. I always love the change, but it is stressful. I hope it turns out to be everyone you both were looking for.

    1. I hate dirty looking hair. I was threatening to chop all her hair off if she couldn't take care of it. Amazing how much better it has looked!!

      I am not as stressed as I would have least not yet! LOL

  2. I have a thing for orange oreos, I think they taste better!