Monday, August 18, 2014

And now things are moving at lightning fast speed!

Two of G-man's references were contacted today; they are hoping to get in touch with the 3rd reference tomorrow.  He got a call from the new office saying they needed a new number for the reference, as it wasn't working....or the name and number of someone else. 

The Administrative Officer here said that this is about the 90% mark.  They finish checking references, then have the head of the division sign off.  Then an offer is made.  Nothing is a guarantee....but all signs are pointing to YES!   Assuming all of this is wrapped up by the end of the week....he would have to be there around November 20. 

Meanwhile, we haven't heard back from the realtor from last week.

I am in the middle of putting together a list of things we need to do (call other realtors, call about powerwashing, etc).  We would like to be able to put the house on the market within 2 weeks of accepting the offer.

Additionally...Bossy went to the orthodontist and they want to put on his palate expander!  I did talk to them about a relocation, and they felt that we might as well get this out of the way, and then the next guy can take it off and move forward.

They want us back in the office in the morning for a fitting and then cement it next week....2 days before school starts.  Once it is in, then we will have weekly check-ins.

I debated waiting on it, but there is always a chance that even if we are offered the job, that it could be MONTHS before the kids and I why postpone it?  His mouth is in bad shape....we need to get moving on this.

I am off work tomorrow (Tuesday) as we had already planned to take the kids to the beach!  They have never been to the beach and are so excited.  This will be a down day for us before we are moving at Mach 7.

My boss is on vacation this week....oh man, he will be flipped out next week if I have news!

And is the 7th anniversary of our loss of our sweet twin daughters.  It has hit me really hard today...thinking that 7 years have gone by.  But I think our girls are looking out for us.

My head is SPINNING!!!!


  1. Congrats and fingers crossed! Good luck with those comps....

  2. Sending good vibes your way! I believe your girls are looking out for you :)

  3. I'm sorry for your loss, Mysti. I imagine it's good to have some distractions today.

    Sounds like exciting things could be on the horizon!

  4. I have often thought that really only a super big shakeup would be able to get you guys on a better path financially--I so hope this is it!

  5. Wowza! Lotsa stuff on the horizon!

  6. Are we still waiting??? hopefully no news means good news again :)

    1. No new yet. We thought we would hear today...but that was speculative at best. And the day isn't over yet. ;) However, we also found out that the HR division that handles all of this is slammed at the moment. So who knows. I know it won't go on much longer, but TRUST ME....we are anxious as all get out!