Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Few More Updates

All I do is update!  I will get back into the swing of things soon....or maybe not!  I may have alot to talk about that is actually financially related!!
1)      We found out Monday afternoon that G-man’s application for the job was passed on to the division!  And in record time…they have already called him and set up an interview for Thursday morning!!!  There is a pretty good chance we will know if he got it by the end of next week.  EEEKKK!!!
2)      We have a realtor coming out on Thursday morning as well (that was set up before the interview call came).  We just want to talk to someone about what things NEED to be done to the house before we would put it on the market.  Putting aside the cleaning, clutter, etc stuff…we don’t want to spend money we don’t have to in fixing certain things up.  Some things we already know we need to do (repair a cracked window)….but what about the fence?  What about the deck?  This will give us a better idea how much we can sell it for as well.  Zillow currently has the house at approximately $29,000 over our mortgage, but that is just a guideline.  We would love to get $18-$20k to put toward a new house….but with fees, closing costs, etc….not sure if that is possible.
3)      The kids are in camp this week, home next week, and back to school on Aug 28, which is also their birthday! 
4)      And my father has stirred the pot once again.  I have maintained limited contact with them, but Dad decided to drop a bomb in an e-mail.  I tried calling….and his voicemail on his phone wasn’t set up.  So I e-mailed him, and texted him to tell him I e-mailed him…and no response.  It has been a week.
Lastly, my heart goes out to the family of Robin Williams, who I am sure you know by now passed away yesterday.  Such a talented actor.  It is heart breaking to think that he felt that he had no other choice in life.  So tragic.  I think I enjoyed just about everyone of his films, both comedic and dramatic (although I think I would lean toward the dramatic!).  My favorite of his movies is What Dreams May Come, which was less critically acclaimed, but a beautiful and powerful movie.   I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it, but be forewarned it is very deep and have some tissues handy.



  1. Woot, that's great that they're moving G-man's application! The end of the week cant come soon enough. I hope the resolution is a good one.

    I love Robin Williams. He's my topmost favorite actor. It is truly a sad, sad tragedy. He was brilliant beyond words. May he rest in peace (finally, perhaps), and good wishes to the family.

  2. We are nervous and excited. If it works out...he will have to be there around Thanksgiving.

    I hope Robin Williams soul has found peace as well. RIP