Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nothing to talk about

I know things have been quiet on this end....sorry!

1)  We are fine....nothing is wrong.

2)  Our summer schedule has been much more laid back than in years past, and this has led to much less time in front of the screen. 

3)  There isn't much I want to talk about right now.

We do have a few things in the hopper, but nothing to report on yet.  I am hoping that will change in a few weeks....then we will have lots to talk about. But for the moment, we are on step 2 of a journey of 1000 steps. 

The kids love camp, so we feel good about the change this year.  They are writing and producing a play, which will be performed on July 30.  Sassy is a mermaid....Bossy is a parrot.  Both are thrilled with their parts.

G-man quit his 2nd job a month ago on Saturday.  Time flies!  We have had a few hiccups with this, but I am being hopeful that it is all working out.

I think the flexible spending people are on summer vacation, as reimbursements are S-L-O-W.  We have several hundred dollars that we are waiting on, and have already received a bill for something (haven't paid this yet, but would rather not use our liquid cash if the money is on its way from FSA).  If the reimbursements don't come through by next week, I will transfer the money from our "medical" account and replace it when the reimbursement happens. 

Bossy had 3 teeth extracted last week and did fabulous.  All of our concerns were for nothing.  He is growing up.  We go back to the orthodontist in August.

So there ya go....nothing to talk about!!


  1. Ouch, 3 teeth extracted. Hope he's doing well. Sometimes quiet time is good time too.

    1. Thank you. He is fine. These were baby teeth that had zero hope of coming out on their own. His permanent teeth came in over them, so he had 2 rows of teeth. The orthodontist is hoping that the permanent teeth drop into place a little bit, then we can put on his pallate expander (roughly 6 months), then put the bracket and wire braces on.

  2. Glad to hear all is well!

  3. Replies
    1. Sure...let's go with that. ;) Like I said, there is something brewing, but not at a point of discussing it yet.

  4. Hey nothing to talk about is a good thing right?