Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Headboard

So dear Kim asked for some pictures of Sassy's headboard that I made.  This is not a DIY blog, so I will spare you the step by steps.  There are plenty of blogs that can tell you how to do it.  I should have taken a "before" picture, but I didn't think about it.  Sorry!  

I will say, this isn't exactly the way "I" wanted it.  But this isn't MY room.
Sassy's room was painted light aqua in June (with a dark aqua accent wall on the opposite wall from the length of her bed).  We got the bedding and accent pillow on clearance at Target.  Definitely needs more pillows!!!!  It was ALOT of aqua.  It needed something to break it up.  Enter the headboard.

Her dresser and desk are white (well....the box said "white" for her desk, but it is more off white, almost an almond-y white).  And she wanted bright pink accents.  Her curtains (you can see just a bit of them in the second picture) are dark pink (I need to make them into Roman shades.....gotta look that up.  My tie-back idea didn't work.)  She will be getting a pink desk chair for her birthday.  SHHHHH.
Sassy picked the shape from a few options, and G-man cut the wood to size.  I used an old egg crate topper we had from our bed (from before we bought the new mattress in March 2012).  I was able to get a double layer so the board is nice and cushy.  I stapled the foam onto the board, and used an old sheet as a primary layer, just so everything was nice and smooth and tight.The final layer was the pink batik that Sassy agreed to picked out.  We were in the fabric store FOREVER.  The child didn't like anything.  We were trying to find something that had pink and aqua in it, and she just didn't like anything I showed her.  When I found this one....she at least smiled.  So we headed over to the embellishments, and once I picked it up, she didn't like it.
She found the aqua sequin ribbon, and it was love.
G-man hung the headboard on the wall, and I pinned the sequins so that it at least sort of looked equal all the way around.  Except the top...Sassy wanted more space at the top.  Ok, whatever kid.
I hot glued the ribbon on, and called it a day.  Total time was about 2.5 hrs, not including the shopping trip, or Daddy cutting the board.

Here is one more picture....including Gray Kitty who photobombed!

Her walls are still largely empty, sans the new One Direction poster we got this weekend.  *sigh*  It is a work in progress, but I think the headboard add a little something.  And if she wants something different in a few years, I can recover it easily.  Yay!

I have been on a MEGA re-organizing and creative outlet kick lately.  Loved making this, and loved how much my big girl loves it.  :)


  1. That's awesome. I'm totally not a diy person so I'm always amazed what other people can do.

  2. Totally cool! Love the color combo! Way to go Mysti!

  3. The idea of making a headboard is so beyond me; way to go! It looks very much like a young girl's room, which I am sure is the point and makes her just as happy as the New Direction poster. :)

  4. Really, really, like it! Love that you were able to re-use things. Isn't it funny how picky kids are about things?

  5. Super cute!! I need a headboard so bad