Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Orthodontics and Mail

Not sure why this morning posed such a challenge for my children.....but they acted like they have never gotten ready for camp before.  In my barely awake state....not good.

Love them.  Love that they are getting more independent.  But seriously...I came downstairs to one kid eating breakfast in one hand and trying to make lunch (which was all over the table) with the other.  We have also forgotten how to put on sunscreen.  Twice as much for our arms than our legs.  Rubbing the same spot a zillion times. 

I really am ready for school to start.  I am over summer.  But school has its own new challenges, which I will lament in a separate post.

We went to the orthodontist yesterday, and he wants to wait to start work for at least 6 months.  Bossy's 6-YEAR molars aren't in enough.  Yeah, he is almost 11.  But the expander needs to hook to those molars and they just aren't in enough.  So we will go back in 6 months to see where we are, and either get started....or if they are still coming in....wait a little longer.

We did find out that Bossy has lost a tooth sometime in the past 2.5 weeks.  Why he doesn't tell us is beyond me.  He had x-rays done at the first appointment, and the orthodontist showed me all the teeth that are getting ready to come out.  Including the one that is now gone.  I asked Bossy when it fell out, and he started to cry.  This is going to be a long process.

I asked about a discount if we pay upfront.....5%.  That is $300.  Basically, that pays for the preliminary records that are done, which was $275.  Gotta say....I am am disappointed.  I know a reader mentioned to me that the discount would probably be 3-5%, but I really was hoping for more.  

Speaking of orthodontics, I contacted the financial person about taking the money from his trust.  We are meeting with her next week to discuss options for the trust.  But she asked me how much we needed to withdraw and when.  When I originally reached out to her, we thought that the work would start sooner than later, and wanted to make sure we were covered.  We now have some time.  But she choked when I told her 6k for braces. 

She is single with no kids.  Her response when I told her.....YIKES.

Yeah, that is how we roll.....why do anything small when it can be BIG!

Yesterday must have been the day of medical-ness.  Our mail consisted of:
  •  a bill for $105 from the anesthesiologist from Bossy's procedure
  • pathology bill for $35
  • Bill for co-pay and lab work for G-man for $22
  • A bunch of EOBs for Bossy's supplies (not a bill, but we know the bill is coming) totaling $307, which should go down to $122 with our discount
It is only money, right???


  1. Aaaw. Poor Bossy. I remember one of my teeth coming off and I was more afraid my parents thought I took it off, I fell or did something that I wasn't supposed to, than to confess it literally fell while I was munching on a saltine cracker. I would have gone "yikes" at that too... that's the cost of a car for me. I may not have the best teeth, but they're good enough!

  2. I feel so sorry for Bossy...I know a friend's child who cried when he lost teeth, he was terribly upset. He eventually told us he must missed his teeth! (this was a younger kid though.)
    I wonder if Bossy might have swallowed it without knowing?

    6K for braces. Ugh. Good luck with the trust application.

  3. My daughter had braces for 5 long years. Cost me $7,000 Canadian. I do not regret anything. One of the best "investment" I did. But it was financially difficult. I know how you feel.

    Everytime I do one step forward financially, I do three steps backward. Frustrated. But as you say, it is only money right?


  4. Gotta love those medical bills. We have just that many and let's talk prescriptions! Cute about Bossy and the missing tooth. Maybe not now but you will laugh about this later.