Sunday, June 9, 2013

GBU - June 9, 2013

This school year just won't end.....anyone else still have kids in school...for 2 more weeks!!!??

  • Enjoying the new sofa set.  :)
  • Bossy had a great Occ Therapy session.
  • Free lunch at work during the staff meeting.
  • Almost have a bill "issue" figured out.
  • Sassy is excited about the upcoming changes to her room, and has started (independently!) sorting her items to get rid of the "little kid" stuff.
  • Bill "issue" that shouldn't have been an issue in the first place!
  • G-man didn't like my "convert to gas from oil" plan, and doesn't have a real reason why.
  • Lots of bills got paid this week....amazing how fast a paycheck can disappear!

  • Tight finances = need to go grocery shopping.
  • Lots of rain = flooded basement.

  • I gathered all my misc stuff for School/PTA and passed it on.  I still need to officially go over everything with the incoming person, but at least my box is GONE.
  • Flowers are starting to fill in, and my Peonies bloomed! 

So....where are you all at this week???


  1. Except for the flooding, it sounds like it was a pretty good week. I love peonies. So pretty!

  2. I love peonies. I have two plants that come up every single year, but never bloom. They obviously do not like me.

  3. Congrats on moving on the PTA stuff. That is going to be SO nice for you. I'm back in it next year. I must be crazy