Sunday, June 2, 2013

GBU - June 2, 2013

June is here!!!????

  • The new living room set is here!
  • The old sofas are gone (and there is a story behind it!)
  • Mini Date night with G-man on Friday
  • Kitty seems to be better.
  • Several hot days this week have made the house very uncomfortable.  But we aren't ready to put in the air conditioners yet.
  • ANTS!


  • I forget how independent the kids can be sometimes.  It is neat to sit back and just watch them.
  • I am so caught up at work, I am bored! (This will probably change in the coming days, but this past week I even did the back burner stuff, and cleaned out my desk, and my e-mails....all those things you do when you are bored!)


  1. I have spent this whole weekend dealing with ants too! And I think what is almost more frustrating than the ants themselves is the fact that I spend $44 every month to NOT have them and still get them all the time. I think it's time to find a new pest control company.....

  2. Enjoy that new furniture!! :) Must be so nice!

  3. Gah I'm glad our ant problem isn't back yet. However, SPIDERS are back. One thing that I hate about summer...

  4. Good to hear your kitty is better.