Friday, June 28, 2013

A favorite....Fluffy Friday!

Seems that alot of people in the blogosphere are having a rough go of let's forgo the heavy stuff and concentrate on the fluff we all love.

I am at work alone today.....which I LOVE.  I have my to-do list, my music, and G-man is coming to have lunch with me.  So, my day is going great.

1)  What are you having (or had, depending on the time of day) for lunch today?   Probably Chipotle Barbacoa burrito!!

2)    Look at your phone (c'mon, we all know it is right there).  How much battery life do you have right now?  49%

3)  Name one item that is on your grocery list right now.  Milk!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. I too love the rare afternoons when I'm the only one at the office. I can turn the lights off and just let natural light do its thing. Play music a bit louder, and surprise surprise, get a heck of a lot more done!

    1) Having a salad like usual. Cut up chicken thighs, romaine, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers.
    2) 90%. Can't beat a Blackberry. :) Been playing music for the past 3.5hrs too.
    3) Food. I have no food! Have been trying to eat whatever I had left before moving, so I wouldn't have to move a lot of perishables. Guess it worked.

  2. My office alone time is early morning (between 5-7)- get a lot done in those hours!

    1) Grilled chicken and green beans with almonds
    2) 75%
    3) Ground beef (making spaghetti sauce)this weekend

  3. This is fun but sadly I have a down in the dumps attorney today so things are a little tense at work.

    1) left over panko chicken from last night, watermelon and strawberries
    2) 60%
    3) fruit (always on the list since my daughter eats so much of it)

  4. The only "productive" I get is when I glare at everyone that's walks past my desk....
    1) Bagged salad with the meat from a luncheable
    2) 50%
    3) Ice Cream

  5. My office is like a ghost town on Friday afternoons, but since I've cleared my inbox, I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs til 5....
    1. Turkey wrap with lettuce and tomatoes, plus an apple
    2. 66%
    3. Dog treats --- because its a really good sale!

  6. 1) Lentil meatloaf, recipe for which I linked to on Yum Yucky's blog, in the comments

    2) 100%. I hardly use it, and it's sort of new, so it holds a charge great, unlike my last phone which had to be charged every day and was constantly being drained (all in the freshness of the battery, I realize now.)

    3) Nothing! I've had to run to the store so many times this week for one thing or another (including 10PM last night, I was so NOT into doing that), that I think we're more than covered!