Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The never ending list

On Sunday, I planted the flowers we purchases on Saturday.  Went to water them.....no water.  G-man hadn't turned on the outdoor faucet yet (we shut it off from the inside in the winter to prevent freezing).  Luckily, it rained, so the flowers got a natural drink.

G-man tried to turn on the faucet for future use....and it broke.  He said the handle just crumbled in his hand, and then it was leaking.  He shut the water off again, and now he had a mini project to deal with.  Meanwhile, I am hand watering my flowers.  A few look a little weak.....I am trying not to worry.

The fan in our bedroom is a little off balance.

The towel bar in the bathroom fell.

The screen in one of Sassy's bedroom windows needs to be repaired.

The landscaping timbers on the side yard are rotten.

And, and, and.....There is ALWAYS something to do.  None of this stuff is sexy or fun.  But it is all important in one way or another.  The joys of running a household....

G-man has an overwhelming list of things to do, and the above things are in addition to his already huge list.  Yardwork is probably the largest "to do" item.

My list is just as long.  I swear, I don't think it is possible to be 100% caught up.

Maybe someday!


  1. Only way to get caught up is to continue to cross things off the list... hopefully faster than the rate it takes you to add things to it. Good luck to the both of you! You can definitely do it.

  2. One day at a time sweetie and it never ends! I am so uplifting, don't I make you feel better!

  3. Boy do I hear you. I don't think it IS possible to be caught up with everything. Some days it feels like if I push a little harder, it can all get done, and other days it feels so overwhelming I want to curl up with a book and forget about it all. Good luck with your never-ending list!

  4. I'm sure youve answered this at some point, but has it ever been a consideration to sell the house and move into an apartment? you would probably save so much on home repairs