Sunday, May 19, 2013

GBU - May 19, 2013

Is it really possible that June is only 2 weeks away????

  • Despite being a crazy busy week, it was overall ok
  • Bossy enjoyed his field trip.
  • Science fair was nice, and both kids scored well on their project.  Overall winners haven't been announced.  But I am proud of both their efforts.
  • Got my plants for the front yard and got them planted.
  • Had a Reiki session (and still have $10 left on my gift card!)
  • Overtime pay!
  • Went to Scout cook out and had a lovely time.
  • My car is leaking oil.  G-man changed the filter a few weeks ago, and it has been leaking since.  We decided no more DIY for my car.  Will need to go into the shop for it.  Spending more on oil than it is worth.
  • Still trying to play catch up on all the household stuff.

  • Allergies are KILLING the kids. Sassy is a little better than Bossy, but they both are in bad shape. Bossy is all puffy!

  • Watching Bossy at the cookout with "the guys."
  • Watching Sassy be the only girl with "the guys" and she could hold her own.

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  1. I hope you can get the car fixed without much damage to your budget. Good luck! Glad to see more ups than downs! Allergies have been really killing me this year too, to the point that I can't wear my contacts. Normally I'm good to go in February after the coldest parts are gone, but pollen being so bad, my eyes itch and my contacts end up ripping. Still today I couldn't keep my contacts up and ended up trashing them because they cracked!