Sunday, April 7, 2013

GBU - April 7, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts....I have been having a problem with Blogger's compatibility with Firefox, and I haven't been able to post from home.  After reading the help boards, I am posting with IE instead.


  • Bossy was so excited about his Boy Scout Crossing Over ceremony.
  • The kids "graduated" from Dog Class, and even though the evening didn't go as planned, they stuck with it and pushed on.
  • I had a Reiki session (and one last week; I have had these gift cards for over 5 years.....that is another story)....and feel so much better.
  • Work was crazy.  The first week of the month always is, but it got extra busy for some reason.
  • The 3-paycheck month curse has struck (things are due, but the paydates don't line up!), and we have had to float more money that I like.
  • G-man and I are disagreeing on a few things....alot of it is just triggering emotion.

  • One toxic person......has dominated everything in my spare time. 

  • Bossy has decided to he wants to be an Eagle Scout.  If he is willing to do the work, then we are willing to do everything we can to get him there.  It needs to be completed before 18, so we have just over 7 years, and will need every bit of it.
  • Sassy tied for the highest score on a class project. 


  1. Toxic people are such a time and energy suck! Great work Sassy, good luck to Bossy!

  2. We're always crammed with month end at the beginning of a new month. It's a never ending cycle. I had my round of ignorant, energy-sucking people at my part time job, so I don't envy you... I'm just glad I only deal with them once, or twice if I'm extra unlucky! Best of luck.