Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work Changes

Sometimes I have to slow down and figure out what the heck I am doing.  I am trying to figure out how to integrate what I have already written into what I want to write and tell you guys.  So bear with me as I muddle through.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are several changes on the horizon.  In the long run, we hope that things are for the better.  But the "getting there" part might be a bit bumpy for awhile.  I am going to break it up into categories each day....and hopefully use some of what I have written!

And to Aggie....I haven't forgotten about my wonderful Liebster honor!  That post was one that was held hostage.  I finished writing it in Word, with the hopes to just cut and paste.  Well, that is at home.  I am currently NOT at home.  So I think that might be tomorrow!

Let's start with some work stuff....

G-man.  You all know he works for the Federal Government.  And the "hot topic" has been the Sequestor.  Originally, his office was going to do a 1-day per payperiod furlough.  Yesterday, this came out:

"A Continuing Resolution has been passed, but to prevent any furloughs, there will be no travel, no training (other than what is done in office), no OT or Comp Time (unless it is Operationally Necessary) or Comp Time for Travel. No new construction projects will be funded but any ongoing ones will be seen through the end."

So, what does this mean.....
  •  No furlough.  So at least we aren't losing 10% of his pay.  Yay.
  •  No OverTime.  This usually equated to about $4,000 a year, which we typically used to offset repairs, mini things, etc.  Well, that ain't happening this year.  Realistically though, he will have to have SOME overtime.  Part of his job is field work, and many times you can't plan for that.  Something goes BOOM when it goes BOOM.  You can't control it.  But the number of people in the field will probably go down, and they will have people in shifts. 
  •  Travel....this isn't a biggie.  He usually takes one trip a year, and it is 100% covered by work.  Now he isn't going.  Whatever.
 This will be in place through the end of the fiscal year (Sept 30). 

Meanwhile, his 2nd job is driving him into the ground.  10 year of doing it has taken its toll on him mentally and physically.  I am not sure how much longer he can keep going.  We are hoping that once I find another job, the salary will make up for the 2nd job, and he can quit.  It might not be the best financial move, but his schedule is just not working for him, or our family anymore.  This might mean that it will take longer to accomplish our goals.  So be it.  His sanity is worth more right now than the financial piece. 

Additionally, it is his turn there to be on the $hit list.  The manager picks one person to single out....and right now it is G-man.  The funny thing is that all of the issues they are blowing up....none of them are either related to G-man, or they can't show that he is at fault.  For example....3 different people might work in one section.  They aren't checking the "issues" after a particular shift.  So no way of knowing when the issue started.  But they blame G-man, even though 2 other people may have been the cause.

This is all getting quite old.  And he is burnt out.

Mysti.  I am continuing to look for a new position, but no luck so far.  CT is very "insurance" heavy, and I have gotten blind calls from posting my resume from just about every insurance agency.  No, I am not going to sell insurance.  I have absolutely no interest in that.  Maybe if I was 22 and just out of college and NEEDED to work, I would be more open minded.  But I have a job.  And I am not just going to jump into some entry level position for the sake of doing it.
Trying to switch gears in your career is hard.  The positions I have applied for are all extensions of what I have previously done.  But convincing someone via a paper resume that you can do the job....totally different ball game.  I have gotten a few calls about "administrative assistant" work.  I have goo-gobs of experience with that.  But that is what I am trying to get away from!!!!
Meanwhile, work has gotten a little better. I stopped caring.  I certainly care about the quality of the work I produce.  But all the other stuff....I just don't let it in.  My frustration level has gone way down.
On a positive note....I got a raise!!!  After 3+ years with no raise, I got a 5% raise in my paycheck this week.  I had no idea it was coming.  Just a 2 sentence letter in with my check stating that my boss has noted my "organization and efficiency" and here ya go.  I kind of chuckled, because I seriously have not done anything different other than not caring that all the people around me keep screwing up. 
It will equate to about $35 a paycheck.  But every little bit counts.
So there ya go....a work update/changes!


  1. Tea for the raise! Sounds like G man is ready for a break. It may take a while but the right thing will come along for you.

  2. Many congrats on the raise. How funny this comes after all the issues... are they trying to lure you to stay? And for G-man, I hope he can get a break soon. It is pretty bad when people are working hard at burning you out.

  3. That is so great about the raise! (the money is good, but I mean more from the 'appreciation' point of view.)

    I'm trying to follow in your footsteps on the 'not caring' about office politics and just focussing on my job. So glad you didn't quit (I'm also resisting the urge!)Just gotta plug away and keep looking at what else is out there.

  4. Poor G-Man. That's never any fun, but it always seems to do that everywhere- takes turns. Congrats on your hilariously ironic raise. P.S. Re: My situation. Sorry if I come across tight-lipped on my blog. Yeah I'm thinking of changing the parenting plan, but I think it'd be a completely different petition and it's really hard to change custody arrangements. I'd have to prove that he isn't fit to have them so often and that can get complicated quickly.