Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Post Office

Thank you for your nice comments on our pictures.  My family is pretty cute....I will keep them.


I have a post that I was hoping to get up today....but no such luck.  I am shooting for Friday.


In the meantime, thought I would share a small story regarding the USPS.  While I realize that there are millions of pieces of mail processed, and the vast majority get where they need to is always the pieces that DON'T get where they need to go that garner attention.

G-man entered into the Ebay selling realm a few weeks ago.  Some guy bought $10 (I think) of fishing stuff, and with shipping it was $16 (roughly).  G-man sent the guy his stuff, got a tracking number, called it a day.

Until the guy didn't get his stuff.  G-man tracked the package, and the only entry was when it was scanned at our local post office.  After that, no idea what happened. 

G-man called our P.O.  They didn't have it....said to have the recipient call their local P.O. and see if there was a problem on their end (and not that this part should matter, but this guy lives in a small town in the deep south.....I can't imagine that the post office there is a high volume place).  Nope, they don't have it.  The next step was to place an e-mail inquiry.  The eventual response was "sorry you had a bad experience, and here is the solution."  Except, there was no solution enclosed.  So he called.  And they said to call Consumer Affairs. 

Called Consumer Affairs....left 3 messages....on the 4th message said "either call me or I am going to call the National Consumer Affairs".  Amazingly, they called.  But they didn't know where the package was.  They said to call the Regional office.

Called the Regional....and they said....well, we can look for it.  But if the last scan was at the local may want to call them and ask them if they have it.


So G-man refunded the guy his $16.  So we are out $16, the items, and a bunch of time tracking this package.



  1. Wow that stinks. My husband has sold a lot of gaming stuff on ebay and never had a problem. We are in Canada too, so you would think we might have more issues with cross-border stuff.

    What is brutal is that the guy will likely get his fishing stuff in the mail in the next few weeks. And...there is always the thought that maybe he did actually get the stuff.

    I am a pessimist though so take what I say with a grain of salt :)

  2. I've got a couple of stories like that. My favorite is my neighborhood has one of those community mailboxes where we all have a small box with our own key and the postlady opens it from the back to slot all the mail. The box was installed and is owned by the post office. We weren't getting any mail for a few days (and we get mail every day) and I went to the post office to ask and was told "well, I guess you just haven't got any mail". Two more days go by and no mail. I go back and after a 15 minute wait (holding up the line) for them to ask each other if the other knew anything. Turns out the lock was broken on the key the postlady uses so she couldn't put mail in so everyone's mail was being held at the post office while they waited for it to be fixed. I asked why she couldn't have just stuck a note on the box letting us all know that and was told "that's not our job" Incredible!

  3. Oh no! I'm getting married (did a court house over a year ago now having the church wedding) in June in Chicago and currently live in NC so I have been getting practically daily visits from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. I've been so stressed that something will either get lost or stolen. I also had the same fear when I was sending out care packages to Afghanistan for my husband. There was no way of tracking those so short of getting insurance (which I always did) it was a total guess as to whether or not they would make it to their destination. Sorry that you are out of the time and money for that ebay sale. I know how frustrating that can be!

  4. This happened to me once when I was buying on eBay. Tracking num was entered but did not get updated for 2 months. The seller refunded the money but 2 months later package showed up, tracking number showed delivered.

    Give it some time, it will get there eventually unless it was stolen at post office which rarely happens.


  5. This is why you always want to insure any package you sell on eBay. Per eBay rules, the seller is responsible until the buyer gets the item, even if it's the shipper's fault.
    Oh, the stories I could tell from my 14 years selling on eBay!lol
    Sorry Gman had to learn the hard way....

    1. If G-man had told me he was going to start selling on Ebay, I would have had him look into things further. But, he didn't tell me until after it was done.


    2. Hard to insure something for $16 also...


  6. So sorry this happened to you, & after just a few weeks of selling! I've been selling & buying since 2001 & *knock on wood* have never had an issue. My issue is waiting though - I'm sure it's just around the corner - lol. On the bright side it could have been much more than $16 lost!

  7. I bet it will show up in time. When my husband was stationed in Korea, it took 5 months for a package to show up.

  8. Sorry he is having issues. I have sold on eBay off and on and never had an issue.

    I did have to laugh though when I read this because I went to our local post office today (to ship a book to and to buy stamps). The guy in front of me was complaining because he was expecting a package from California and it was supposed to be here on Monday, and no one knew where it was. The worker was frustrated because it wasn't showing up in there system as delivered and yet it wasn't showing as in transit either.

    These things happen. Hopefully it will never happen to G-Man again.