Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's try a "real" post

After my exhilarating post yesterday...and all this week for that matter....thought I would actually try and write a real post for today.

We dropped G-man's car off at the mechanic this morning.  After discussing it at length, we decided this was not a DIY job.  I appreciate that he was willing to do it, but it would have required renting tools, reading up on how to do it (he didn't actually know how), and most of all TIME.  Someone who knows what they are doing can do it in about 4 hrs.  Double that if you don't.  Plus, if something went wrong (needed a part, tool, etc), he wouldn't have a car to go get it!  So, hopefully later today it will be done.

We are a bit concerned that his car is taking the path of our van.  Expensive repairs, one right after another.  While the original plan was to get him a new car when my car is paid off....we will have to see if that actually happens.  I don't want to sink a ton of money into this car.  Crossing fingers that this is the last repair for awhile. 

Meanwhile, Sassy and G-man are excited about the Father/Daughter Dance tonight!  I am picking Sassy up at school a few minutes early (basically to save the time she would go through dismissal and the bus ride home) to get all glammed up.

I filed her nails last night, vs just cutting them.  Her nails grow long QUICK.  I put a base coat of polish on last night, so that will be good and dry for the final coat.  Man, you would have thought that she was a princess!   She thought that filing her nails was so special.

I will do her hair and make-up (just a touch....she is only 10!  A little blush, some eyeshadow, and lip gloss).  She will be wearing panty hose for the first time, so all of this is very exciting and grown up.  My girlfriend made her a corsage (and matching boutonniere for Daddy).  She will be quite the princess.

Maybe if you are lucky I will post a picture or two.  ;)

She and Daddy will go out to dinner at her favorite chain restaurant, and then dance the night away (or at least until 8pm!) at the dance.  There will be a DJ and a photographer there.  And all the girls get flowers.

Meanwhile, Bossy and I will have a night to ourselves.  No plans yet.  Guess we will have to see where the night takes us!


  1. Awww! That sounds so sweet. I hope you do post pics.

  2. Photos please! I'm sure it'll be an awesome night. As for you and Bossy, pizza movie night perhaps?

  3. I remember making a boxed dinner for my dad at bluebirds. He taught me how to cut up the chicken before I fried it. I felt so special, just he and I. He was the most handsome guy in the room. These are such good memories you are building.

  4. Sounds like it will be a special memory in the making for dd... hope you & ds are able to spend some quality time together as well! :)

  5. How sweet. I'm sure she will have a wonderful time with Daddy.

  6. What a sweet time! So glad it was rescheduled! Have fun yourself tonight! I'm going on a date with 3 young men tonight! Only the little guy still hugs me and holds hands!

  7. So sweet. Hope they have a great time.

  8. Car drama is my big worry at the moment, too. Cars seem to really undermine debt-busting progress. Good luck with yours, I hope "the damage" so to speak is not too great.

    That is so gorgeous with your DD...sounds like so much fun. Hope she has a magical night!

  9. Hope they are having a wonderful time!