Sunday, March 3, 2013

GBU - March 3, 2013

Goodbye February.  Won't Miss Ya..

  • Got to spend the day shopping (although it was an unexpected trip) with Sassy.
  • Tax return arrived and was able to pay a few bills that were pending.
  • Weather was warmed, and although we STILL have snow on the ground, it is melting.
  • Bossy didn't do well in the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby....and his reaction to losing was less that appropriate.
  • Spent the week putting out fires everywhere....home, work, school.

  • The government Sequester....will probably mean a 10% paycut for G-man.
  • The dress I ordered on Ebay for Sassy for the Father/Daughter Dance came with a stain.  Despite drycleaning, it is stained.  Have to send it back.
  • My front tires are STILL leaking.  Guess they weren't totally fixed.

  • Sassy is turning into a young lady.  It really was fun to watch her try on dresses and see her reaction when she found "the one."  Her first choice wasn't mine, but she loved it.  I let her try on a Prom dress (size 1....still too big, which I already knew), but she now can't wait to go to the Prom.  hee hee.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. I bought new tires in December and I've had problems ever since. Its so frustrating. Have a great week.

  2. I love shopping with my 8yo as well..."window shopping" usually...just fun! Hope Sassy loves her dress. Here's hoping next week has fewer fires to put out...

  3. Let's hope March is nicer. In like a lion out like a lamb right?

    Hey what happened to Judy? :(