Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast Food Karma

I didn't bring anything for lunch with me yesterday to work.  I was STARVING by the time I got of work (2:30pm).  Like, I was starting to feel sick because I was so hungry.  Even though I knew I shouldn't, I decided to run through a drive thru.  HAHAHA....the Universe LOVED this, because apparently it was a slow day out there, and they needed something to do.

The quickest fast food place near my office is a Taco Bell.  I pulled up, and for whatever reason, they said that they were unable to take customers at that time.  I should have just listened to the Universe and went home.  But no, I needed food, and by this time, I was getting cranky and jumpy and needed food.

The next closest fast food place was KFC.  *sigh*  This KFC is notorious to be slower than molasses.  And I knew it.  But I didn't want to go to the NEXT place which was much farther down the road.  I decided to just tough it out and go to KFC.

I pulled up, and there was a car at the ordering station.  OK.  They pull forward; I pull forward and order a sandwich combo (so fries and a drink).  I pull forward, and the other car is sitting at the window.  Ok.  I looked at the clock.  2:38pm

Eventually I gave up on my brakes, and put the car in park.  2:42.  Other car still sitting there.  2:43.  2:44. Finally they got their food, and I pulled up to the window.  It took another 4 2:48... to get my sandwich combo.  We are now at 10 minutes from the time I ordered until I got my food.  For fast food. 

I am finally on my way, and took a bite of my sandwich.  Which then caused the sauce on the sandwich to leak out the side (even though I had the sandwich mostly wrapped, it snuck out).  And down the front of my sweater.  *sigh*

I wiped up the sauce, now feeling like a slob.  There is a HUGE grease stain down the front of my sweater (thin, cotton), and nothing I can do until I get home in 30 min.  I soaked the sweater as soon as I got in the door, but we will see if it comes out. 

I knew I shouldn't have gotten fast food.  The Universe knew it too, and made me pay.


  1. Don't you hate that? Sometimes I make the wrong decision *knowing* it is the wrong decision, but I do it anyway, and life is not kind nor coy when telling us "I told you so".

  2. Rub chalk on a grease stain, let it sit and then like a charm.

    I sometimes stop for coffee at Tim Hortons(in Canada it is sacred ground :) on the way to work. I finally started going in instead of sitting in the drive-thru. I would go in order and get out and in the meantime, the cars that were ahead of me are still sitting in the drive-thru. Totally defeats the purpose of "saving time".

    1. Chalk? Wow! I'll have to try that! I've tried baking soda with mixed results, but never heard of using chalk. The blackboard white chalk, I guess?

  3. I hate it when I get weak and shaky like that because your blood sugar is dropping and you just don't make good decisions.

  4. lol!! That time frame sounds about right for fast food here too... A couple times a year I get McD's for my girls and it always takes forever. Never fails.

  5. Fast food sneaks up on you like that. I started keepin cereal bars and breakfast bars in the glove compartment for time like this because it always bit me in the hiney to!