Thursday, January 10, 2013

And THIS is why I Blog

I sooooo appreciated the out pour of comments to my post from yesterday.  I loved hearing from some new people....I hope you continue to comment.   And those of you who are "regulars" also took time to lend an ear (keyboard???).

I read ever comment....multiple times.  I was totally expecting the debate between quit now (with no formal job) vs quit later.  And internally I have flipped flopped so much that I deserve a spot on the US Gymnastics team (although I don't think I would be as cute in the leotard).  I am still not 100% sure which way I am going, for all the reasons you have all brought up.....debt, family, being true to yourself and confident.  My higher council (my BFF) is flying here in.....10 hrs!!!  So I am sure we will hash it out....

I really appreciate that just about everyone agreed it is time to move isn't going to get better.  It just comes down to timing.  And ain't timing always at the heart of things???

I also appreciate that nothing was nasty.  I am (really....I am) ok with difference of opinion.  Personal attacks, no.  But no one attacked, and thank you for that.

A few of you reached out to me in e-mail....and thank you for that too.  I love e-mail.  :)

Today is a new day, and while I am dreading going to work....I am holding on to being off tomorrow with my friend and taking a few more days to weigh all my options....and see where the wind blows (which apparently is blowing West at 14 mph).

I do have some updates to share soon....the electric bill stuff, a few other small changes.  But today....I deal with work....I get ready for BFF...and I am on day 5 of medication and am back to 85% wellness.


  1. Hi. I understand your situation. I've looked over all your comments but I don't think you were given the right information.
    You don't list where you live, but I'll assume you live in the US. There are laws that have been written to protect you from the treatment you have been given. Your boss is in violation of several labor laws. I strongly advise you to seek out a labor attorney AND file a complaint with the Labor Department in your area. You are being discriminated against and there are many laws to protect you. Look in the phone book and call the Attorney Reference section and ask for a referral for a free consultation and sit down and talk to a Labor lawyer. What you are going through is not unique. It sounds like to me a very common practice many employers take. If he fires you, you have great legal recourse. BUT, if you quit, which I am sorry to say, he is compelling you to do, you will lose all your rights.
    Please don't tell me you won't do this or you don't have the time or you don't want to waste your time and effort. You are being abused and discriminated against. You can not allow this man to get away with such horrid treatment. You are a human being and you deserve to be treated with respect. Please consult with an attorney and know your rights. If anything, an attorney can get you an exit packet and severance pay. Your employer is violating your rights and labor laws by categorizing you as 'per diem'.
    Do this ASAP before your week is up. At least have a consultation with a labor Attorney on the phone. What you are going through is quite common. Employers do this all the time and it must stop.
    Good luck!


      Please speak with an attorney ASAP.

  2. How much money do you make a this job ? Do you get benefits? How many hours etc..


  3. I hope I am not too late to comment about your job. I do hope you DO NOT write the letter to the boss. I have been where you find yourself and it isn't pretty. I would simply tell him that you haven't been feeling well (job makes you sick, right?) and you hope you will be 100% soon. Then frantically look for another job. Always easier to find a job when you have one than not.

  4. It'll all work out in the end... What's meant to be will happen regardless. ;) Good luck!!!!

  5. I would definitely talk to your BFF while she's visiting. Also don't write a letter to your boss. If you need to get it out in writing, write the letter then destroy it. Check on the unemployment situation, possibly consulting an attorney (initial consultations are usually free). Many people running small businesses do not follow state employment laws with regard to job classification, requirements, and pay so it's worth checking with an expert. In the meantime, try to find a way to put a little distance between you and the job (mentally and emotionally). It's one thing to care and it's another thing to allow someone else to affect you so negatively. Maybe your therapist will have some ideas on how you can do this.

  6. I understand how hard a decision concerning a job can be. I am very unhappy at my current school, yet the thought of having to deal with losing tenure, relearning a new staff and curriculum, and just looking for a job creates even more stress. I am really burned out dealing with poverty students who have no raising nor respect. But I stay. The alternative is just as bad. I glad you are feeling better and that you have a fun weekend to look forward to. Just take it one day at a time. Things have a tendency to work themselves out sometimes. I pray that's the case with your situation.

  7. Hi mysti, just went back and read your last post.What a stressful situation! You did well not to walk out on the spot. I would not put anything in writing at all, he is not interested in changing his opinion, he wants to use your knowledge and skills but pay only a clerical wage.

    Have you thought about setting up you own business as a contractor doing this sort of work for other small businesses? I would really look at options to work for yourself, but hold on to the job for a bit longer is you can stand it while you make your plans.
    good luck whatever you decide

  8. I've just caught up on yesterday's post...look away once in the blogging world and look what happens!

    So stressful. I'm with others who say that whatever you decide to do, I would not put anything in writing at this stage. Could just give the Boss fuel for the fire.

    If at all possible, I'd also try not to resign. But depends on how hard it is to go in there each day. So hard...nothing worse than dealing with "work politics" especially when it gets intense like this. Much sympathy! Fiona