Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Sister Revealed!

Carla hosted a Secret Sister package swap, so I thought I would share what my lovely "sister" sent.  My package was a little delayed (which is why I am just sharing this now), but no worries.  It arrived safe and sound.  It is so fun getting mail...and boxes are extra fun!  My powers of photography stink.....sorry!

There were all sorts of goodies in my box:


 Gifts from her kids to mine:

Sorry for the side picture.  It is heart crayons and thumbprint pictures

Candle and candle decor:

Came in a neat bag.


Lindt Chocolate Snowmen.
Red and Green Chips.

 A suncatcher (in fav!):

Home made goodies:

Needlefelt Acorns
Wood Ornament

A beautiful scarf (it may be hard to see...but it has silver threads running through it):

 Lastly, there was this little fruit:


There was something written on it, but due to the moisture in the fruit, I could only make out "A tiny _____from our tree".  Drat!  I was going to go on a hunt to figure it out, and then we were watching Chopped on Food Network, and one of the ingredients was a LOQUAT.  BINGO!  I now am the proud owner of a loquat.  :)

My sister isn't a blogger, so I don't want to give out her name.  But thank you so much for the bountiful gift and your thoughtfulness.  :)

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  1. How fun!!! I've never had a loquat. Not sure what one is! Be sure and let us know how it tastes!!!!