Monday, December 17, 2012

Back to School

We talked to the kids about the shooting last night.  We weren't going to originally, but we were concerned they would hear about it at school, and felt that kind of information should come from US.  Sassy cried.  And she is worried that something like that will happen to her school.

You can't say "it won't happen."  None of us know that.  It is about reassuring her that she is safe, that her teachers love her, and that everything will be ok.  Bossy is much more concrete.  While he thought it was sad, it didn't really "get it."

I have to is a little unnerving sending the kids to school today.  

The first funeral is planned for today.  For a 6-yr old boy.  Heartbreaking.

I just am not at a point of blogging about my life again.  It all seems so trivial.  Who cares that my cell phone bill was $10 higher due to a mistake.....or that I haven't updated my sidebar in a few weeks.  I have my husband and kids....they are safe, and healthy, and HERE.

In about an hour, I will put my kids on the bus to go to school, and I will give them a huge hug and kiss before they go.  Just in case.


  1. Brutal isn't it? My kids were with their father this weekend so I haven't seen them yet. I'm aching for hugs and kisses

  2. It is a terrible event. I don't think anything can be said to make it better or less severe. But sadly, life moves on. Things will go back into focus, as we process the full spectrum of the tragedy and move foward. I don't feel like blogging either. It's hard and I'm at a loss of words besides a silent nod to acknowledging the event. Hope your kids have a good day at school.

  3. It has been heartwrenching to watch this all play out. Life does go on though --- and at times that is both a blessing and a curse. You'll know when its right to get back to doing what you do so well. I imagine being so close to the situation makes it a lot more difficult. Hugs and good luck.

  4. Hang in there, life must move on.